You’re here because you are ready for a real breakthrough.

My goal as a coach is not to change your mind or your habits. I want to help you find a new depth of understanding about who you are, and then come to embody that deeper consciousness in your everyday life.
More Freedom

The ability to express yourself completely, have the choices you want, or even travel with your family in a walkabout for a year? If you’re seeking the sweet taste of personal freedom, you’re in the right place.

More Joy

You should feel inspired, confident, and passionate about yourself and your life. Not so much? Time to refocus your life on integrity, authenticity, balance, and peace of mind instead.

More Love

Alone, lonely, or unsatisfied — even while you’re in a committed partnership? Deep, satisfying, fulfilling relationships are built on communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy skills that make true love last.

More Power

And what is power, really? High performance and productivity … but more importantly, the ability to live life on your terms and be who you truly are — at whatever level you want to play.

Meet Kimberly Errigo, Master Coach

Traveler. Mother. Scientist. Storyteller. Peace Corps Volunteer. Ecologist. Artist. Symphony oboist. Singer. Regional math competitor. Minnesotan. Beachwalker. Dark chocolate lover. Hot springs connoisseur. Serial entrepreneur. Equestrian. Naturalist. Salsa dancer. Weaver. Life enthusiast. Mystic. Reluctant cook.
Proven strategies that create permanent shifts.

Kimberly Errigo is a human behavior expert with almost two decades of experience coaching leaders into big growth and change. A beloved and respected transformational teacher, Kimberly's personal history includes surviving a rafting accident in Alaska and working with spiritual leaders in traditional Native American communities in the Central American rainforest and the South American Andes.

Kimberly has been a teacher trainer on the international level; a nomad living in the South American Andes; an artist exhibiting work at juried art shows; and a single mom. Now a successful entrepreneur, Kimberly is location independent, works from home 90% of the time, and is free to travel as she chooses and take as much vacation as she likes. FEMA has used her expertise for crisis management on two occasions of national disaster. She's coached and led groups from Italy, Costa Rica, Panama, Maui, and the deck of a sailboat floating in the Caribbean. In her spare time she does yoga, meditates, weaves, and studies the most current information in brain science and social innovation.

  • Brain TRaining and LEARNING DESIGNER

    70% of disabilities, including learning and attention issues, are invisible among the general population. I know what to look for and how to use it to your advantage.


    How many of us know what to do but don't do it? I know how to motivate and inspire you so you achieve your biggest goals.

  • Personal and professional Development expert

    I bring you scientifically proven ways to train yourself for success, slow down life in the fast lane, and become more productive and effective.


    You won't mobilize change in your life or the world without taking priority care of yourself. I bring you the best of mind-body medicine to get you big results, fast.

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