are you in the middle of
big change?

Produce your best results --
personally and professionally.

Even if the change you're experiencing is positive, you might feel overwhelmed, adrift, insecure, fearful, or indecisive. I support executives who are assimilating into new cultures and/or transitioning to new roles so they can create their best results -- personally and professionally. I provide executive coaching, personal brand consulting, and mindfulness instruction that shorten the process of adaptation, improve your results, and help you maintain your work-life balance as you grow your impact.

More Confidence

Entering new territory can be intimidating. You’re stretching beyond your comfort zone and there’s significant pressure to succeed. The ability to express yourself completely, have the choices you want, clarify your focus, gain perspective — and know what to do next when everything is on fire at once?
I’ll help you do just that.

More Balance

Professional transitions can strain your personal relationships — and vice versa. The increased demands on your time may produce conflict, breakdowns in communication, and a loss of intimacy that make you or your partner feel alone, lonely, or unsatisfied. I’ll help you create deep, satisfying, fulfilling relationships that only get better as you grow.

More Peace of Mind

Reducing your stress levels will make it easier to learn, grow, and develop in a new environment — and help you be a more effective leader and a better partner. We will quiet your mind, pay attention to your own personal integrity and authenticity, and source your mission and purpose from the deepest parts of yourself.

More Impact

You want to succeed and stakes are high — but no one succeeds in a vacuum. If you’ve joined an unfamiliar culture, you might be challenged to develop new ways of relating, communicating, and motivating your team. My work will help you clarify your vision, refine your ability to listen and collaborate, and develop a higher level of creativity and focus.


Meet Kimberly: Traveler. Mother. Scientist. Storyteller. Peace Corps Volunteer. Ecologist. Artist. Symphony oboist. Singer. Regional math competitor. Minnesotan. Beachwalker. Dark chocolate lover. Hot springs connoisseur. Serial entrepreneur. Equestrian. Naturalist. Salsa dancer. Weaver. Life enthusiast. Reluctant cook.
The results you want
in the

Maybe it was nearly drowning in an Alaskan river. Living with indigenous tribes in the South American Andes. Raising a child singlehandedly. Moving across the country to a place I'd never been. Traveling in Central America for a year with my 14 year old son. Diving into entrepreneurship even though I had no business background whatsoever.

Whatever the reason, I bring a fearless sense of possibility and a strategic mind that can move big projects from dream to reality. Working with me will cause you to think bigger, take smarter risks, and move out of your comfort zone to get more of what you want and less of what you don't want.

Great achievers from all industries use a coach to get exceptional results. But don't choose any coach, the cheapest coach, or the coach you already know. Choose the one who will get you the results you want in the fastest way possible.


    I bring you 18 years of experience with clients just like you -- smart, motivated, high achievers. I'll show you what you're capable of and then motivate and inspire you so you achieve your biggest goals.


    Undiagnosed learning and attention issues are common among executive leaders and visionaries. I'll make sure they don't block your success.


    I offer scientifically proven ways to train yourself to become more effective, fast -- as well as find more enjoyment, passion, and purpose in your hectic life.


    Showing up in a new environment will require you look and feel like your best self. I'll help you design an authentic personal brand that continues to take you upwards.

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End the year with your mojo intact.

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