Performance Hacking for Life and Career Results

Hi, I'm Kimberly. I’m a human behavior and performance hacking expert with almost two decades of experience coaching leaders, especially in STEM industries, through major growth and change processes. With a proven track record, I’ve coached clients from many well-known corporations including Cisco, Amazon, Oracle, Google, Twitter, Varian, Best Buy, and Boeing; entrepreneurial initiatives; national and state agencies; local and regional municipalities; colleges and universities; and the highest levels of the medical and legal sectors.

I'm also a born teacher, a high-level trainer, and an internationally recognized instructional designer.  I'm delighted to have worked on big projects for organizations you've heard of before. 

Free-thinking and eternally curious, I've also traveled widely in Central and South America (including a year sabbatical with my then-teenage son). My training with Native American elders began when I was 19. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn from teachers of the Arawak Nation from the Colombian Andes; the Kuna Nation from the rainforest of Panama; the Lakota and Ojibwe Nations of the upper Midwest; the Mapuche Nation of Chile; and the Q’ero Nation of Peru and Bolivia.  This was personal development work at its finest.

I often say that my goal is not to change your mind or your habits. I want to help you find a new depth of understanding about who you are, and then come to embody that consciousness in your everyday life. I've proven my ability to help my clients see what they could not so they could become who they were meant to be -- both as a leader and as an individual.

 I will do the same for you.


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"I went from struggling to buy groceries to CEO of a half-million dollar less than a year. It’s the inner shifts that happened from working with Kimberly that made it possible." – Danielle, CEO


"I’ve not ever before experienced a person with the depth, wisdom, integrity, practicality, and equanimity you have. You constantly inspire me with exactly the right words to light my fire in reaching for the next step -- and you totally meet me in the depth of some really rough stuff!" – Tamara, CEO


"Kimberly's profound sensitivity brought forth the truth of my spirit. Through the realizations gained with her help, I have recovered the whole of who I am." – LZ