What would it be like if you had
everything you really want?

Your situation can change for the better, faster than you think.

Let’s face it: you’re smart, capable, and generally know what’s going on. If you could have changed things on your own, you would have. The fact that you're stuck shows that you either don’t see what to do or you don’t feel confident about doing what you know you need to do. Either way, you need support and guidance from someone who can see what you can’t. Someone who has been in your shoes and successfully mastered their own inner and outer game. Someone you can trust.

achieve Top Performance

You’re in the career you want, but you need to step up your game to become a top performer, manage increased responsibility, and become your best — both personally and professionally. Executive coaching and leadership development will empower you to unlock your full potential – and the potential of your team.

Cultivate Wellness

Chronic feelings of overwhelm decrease your quality of life and also put you at risk for actual illness in the future. Mind body medicine explores the emotional, mental, social, and spiritual factors that affect health. These scientifically-validated techniques will enhance your capacity for self-care and self-awareness — and change your life, fast.

answer life’s big questions

Maybe you have big questions to answer. Should you leave your relationship? What is your true life purpose? How can you rein in a life that has spun out of control? Discernment and inquiry — and a new understanding of the process of transformation — will provide all the answers you need to make the right choice for all concerned.


In almost 20 years as a coach to entrepreneurs and high level professionals, I've found that working with consciousness is a game-changer. This is because lasting breakthroughs can only come from one thing: mastery of your energetic experience. There is nothing that can stop the full expression of excellence in your life except for YOU -- so if that isn't happening already, it's because you're getting in your own way.
Kimberly Errigo, Master Coach

I understand transformation.

Maybe it was nearly drowning in an Alaskan river. Living with indigenous tribes in the South American Andes. Raising a child singlehandedly. Moving across the country to a place I'd never been. Traveling in Central America for a year with my 14 year old son.

Whatever the reason, I bring a fearless sense of possibility and a strategic mind that can move big projects from dream to reality.Almost twenty years of executive coaching experience as well as graduate study in Mind-Body Medicine and leading organizational transformation have given me the skills to make a real difference. Working with me will cause you to think bigger, take smarter risks, and move out of your comfort zone to get more of what you want and less of what you don't want.

My goal as a coach is not to change your mind or your habits. I want to help you find a new depth of understanding about who you are, and then come to embody that consciousness in your everyday life.


    I offer more than 18 years helping motivated individuals experience their biggest breakthroughs so they get more of what they want. Ready? Let's rewrite your future.


    I bring you scientifically proven ways to create more effectiveness, enjoyment, and wellness in your life while enhancing your capacity for self-care and self-awareness.

  • Transformational leaderShip

    I bring practical knowledge of organizational culture, systems, and processes that support change -- as well as deep familiarity with the process of transformation, itself.

  • learning and development

    I offer 25 years of expertise in education and training, both nationally and internationally. I'll teach you how to build culture, train others, and effectively lead your team.

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