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As a leader, mistakes can carry a high price.

You’ve been there. You made a choice that you thought was the right one. You chose a person to marry, a job, a pitch, a new member of your team …. and then it turned out that you were wrong. This cost you time, money, pride, and trust in yourself. 

Fortunately, you can learn how to make better decisions. You can read every book you can get your hands on. You can talk to a zillion other people and get their opinions. You can try trial and error (although that often sucks).  All of those methods are slow and often produce the wrong result. 

Science shows that the most reliable way of making choices is NONE of these methods. It is by listening to your intuition and then doing what it says. 

Let’s Dial You In.

Intuitive Development:
The Art and Science of Transformation

Do you make judgments that are influenced by your own biases, rely on others to tell you what to do, or ignore your hunches? These are signs that you are blocking your intuition.

Intuition is a natural and reliable navigation system, but you may not have ever been trained in how to access and interpret it consistently and accurately. Mistakes can be very costly … in both personal and professional settings.

Study of the “adaptive unconscious”, which could be another term for intuition, is an emerging field in psychology because of the potential it holds for improving human performance. As Malcolm Gladwell described in the book “Blink”, research shows that intuitive information sourced from the adaptive unconscious is equally or more reliable than a longer, more drawn out rational process. (Gladwell 2005)

We sometimes make really good decisions in one area of life while at the same time making really bad decisions in another area of life. This is a problem that can be fixed. Intuitive development requires unlearning what we have learned and well as learning specific skills. It includes some unique challenges and demands a specialized approach. That’s what I do. 

Life is short … too short to suffer needlessly, spinning your wheels, not getting what you really want. It’s worth your time to invest in the kind of training that improves your ability to make decisions across every area of life. You’ll be faced with a never-ending stream of decisions as long as you’re on the planet. Decisions about health, for instance. Love. Career. Or my personal favorite: freedom.

I have a track record a mile long of successfully helping people create the life and career of their dreams. Yes, even the tough ones. They were once sitting where you’re sitting now: on the hamster wheel, unhappy and unfulfilled, wanting change but afraid to fail. Now, they’re living their dreams ~ running successful businesses, traveling the world, moving up the ladder, loving their partners like never before.

You need to decide if one of my success stories will be you. Because if you let me teach you, I promise it will be. 



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