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From Homegrown Talent to Fortune 500 Execs…

“I have never had so many transformations so quickly. Huge breakthroughs and awesome homework. Simply amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever been seen the way you see me.”

— Cristina, CEO

You want real success … and you can have it.

You’re smart. Compassionate. Know what’s going on. And want deeply to be your truest self and live a bigger, better life.

But unfortunately, what you know is possible isn’t happening (yet). You aren’t as joyful, productive, or aligned as you could be. Whether it’s in your relationships, your career, your health, or your business you feel like a slightly smaller version of the You that you know is possible.

What’s more, you’re painfully aware that every minute you aren’t being that highest version of You is a minute wasted.


You don’t need to settle. With the proper support,
you really can create your best life.

We can bring your genius into the world in a meaningful way that honors your own deepest needs and desires. Create coherence between your heart and mind. Elevate your life so it reflects what you know is truly possible.

You’ll be more present. More grounded in who you are. More confident in your leadership. Knowing you are making a difference in the highest way you can. And having a ton of fun!

How would that feel?

“Working with Kimberly is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Whether you’re facing an unexpected life transition or looking to ignite a new chapter in your life, Kimberly provides an unparalleled level of support, wisdom and coaching to navigate the uncertainty and fear that often exist when charting new territory. I highly recommend Kimberly to the individual ready to do the personal work necessary to elevate their life to its greatest potential and purpose.”

— Katie F, MBA

There’s a moment in life when mindfulness becomes more than just a juicy idea. It becomes a requirement.

For most people, stress levels are too high. We are overworked, stressed at home, and experiencing stress-related health conditions like anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and back pain. Our relationships may be suffering, and we may feel there is simply no time for us to have a moment of peace. We see the same stress levels in our children, which makes it even worse.

The world we live in is complex, demanding, and encourages self-interest — and will only become more so as global conditions shift. We are looking ahead to an uncertain future, a future of changing and complex conditions. Yet, every challenge is either won or lost in the mind. Awareness and mastery of the mind is a requisite for optimal wellness and success, both at work and at home.

You want to integrate business and career growth without sacrificing the rest of your life or the comforts you’ve worked hard to achieve. Ultimately, you believe you can have it all. (You can.)

Leveraging the art and science of mindfulness will help you create optimal well-being — and improve your ability to enjoy both success and a peaceful life. 

“I’ve not ever before experienced a person with the depth, wisdom, integrity, practicality, and equanimity you have. You consistently inspire me with exactly the right words to light my fire — and you totally meet me in the depth of some really rough stuff!”

— Tamara