A New Paradigm of Touch and Intimacy with Francesca Gentille

An Awakened Planet Podcast


What if God/dess didn't make a mistake when we were born with desire? Discover new ways to relate to your body, its hungers, as well as how to connect more fully to the divine within.

We explore:

  • What the current paradigm of touch and intimacy is -- and how it used to be
  • Why our current mindset doesn't work to produce healthy relationships 
  • What results a new paradigm will produce - and how to experience transcendent sex
  • Simple exercises to make the new paradigm accessible to couples of any gender combination -- and reveal the divine

Francesca GentilleFrancesca Gentillé is an internationally recognized presenter & expert on Sacred Eros, and the use of Therapeutic Tantra & Therapeutic Kink in healing from abuse. She is an initiated shaman in 4 traditions, clinical sexologist and relationship counselor. The host of the online radio show Sex: Tantra & Kama Sutra,  the co-author of "The Marriage of Sex & Spirit,”  the co-director of "The Somatic Sensual Healing Institute". She directs The Sacred Courtesan School of Feminine Mystique and Power.


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