Are you a martyr?

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Four Easy Ways to Use The Quantum Field to Grow Your Business in the Next 30 Days

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On April 1, I saw a video on Facebook about a woman who had a really good prank pulled on her by her colleagues and friends. She had a tragic story and was working as a waitress, although her real passion was teaching yoga to those who suffer from eating disorders. It was making a lot of people cry. 

You might be thinking, “Wait a second. She is a martyr. She is still living a small life even though she clearly has gifts to share. Why does she not feel good enough and empowered enough to pull herself out of that small life by herself?”

The real truth is that she WAS ~ just not in the visible, proactive, goal-oriented way that most of us expect. She opened up the door to that prank with her consciousness. And if you learn how to do what she did, the same sorts of unexplainable, juicy things can happen to you. In fact, it’s the only way that these things become possible. 

On Friday this week, I’m teaching a free training on how to do just that. If you’re responsible for making your business successful, then this training will change your entire To-Do list.

Friday 4/11 @ 1 PM Pacific time
Four Easy Ways to Use The Quantum Field to Grow Your Business in the Next 30 Days


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If your New Year’s Resolution to yourself was to have your business breakthrough in 2014, you won’t want to miss this event!

Promises, promises.

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A promise is a commitment that something will (or won’t) happen in the future. You come back to your promises when life gets challenging. They are the bedrock on which you stand.

And if you don’t know what promises you are making, you have a recipe for trouble.

In my work I see how unconscious and broken promises can block one’s progress, sometimes for decades. To have the power to stand in integrity, we have to understand what is really going on.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between a promise of the heart and a promise from the head. In an ideal world there would be no separation, but in the real world there is a difference. A promise from the heart can happen even without agreement from the head ~ and when a promise from the heart is made, it doesn’t matter if the head had other plans. These two parts of you might even battle about that promise for years. It can be difficult to honor our promises, especially if we feel we are giving something up ~ but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

The head understands broken promises ~ and it usually is what creates them. The heart will never understand. The heart may come to forgiveness and acceptance, but it will never choose to break itself.

Second, it’s important to distinguish the promises of the personality from the promises of the spirit. We’re usually aware of the promises our personality makes. Promises of the spirit are given whether we are conscious of them or not. They can span lifetimes. If you have ever been in a relationship that made no rational sense to your head and offered no real nourishment to your heart, you can be sure it was due to a promise of the spirit.

With the clarity about the different kinds of promises, you can begin to explore how they impact your life. More critically, you can identify the unconscious  promises you have made and bring them into awareness so you can work with them. And, you can move towards forgiveness to yourself  for the promises that you have broken. When your spirit is standing in the wreckage of broken promises, forgiveness is required to move on.

Promises exist even if we have not verbalized them, and they must be honored as sacred commitments. You are not safe if you are standing on shifting bedrock.  Keeping your word and holding your boundaries is an act of power. The key to honoring them when it’s hard is to make the choice you choose to make, again and again. Appreciate that you have the freedom to make a choice, as many don’t. And return to trust: trusting yourself, who made the original choice; trusting to whom or what you are committed, as your sacred partner; and trusting God as the source of all.


Standing as Who You Are

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Who are you, really? I’m sure you know you are more than a collection of thoughts and feelings, bones and cells. Energy that can be neither created nor destroyed, you are a manifestation of life on all the different levels.

You are also perfect.

We spend our lives chasing after the things we think will make us OK: money, a loving spouse, prestige and status, achievement. Sometimes it all falls apart, and then we either recover or we don’t. Fundamentally, though, none of that really changes anything. The truth was there all along. We could have seen it without the crash. We could have seen it without the pain and suffering. We could have seen it, if we had only known where to look.

Looking for it is like a fish looking for water. Like the best tricks, the answer is hidden in plain view.  

Unlike an organ that can be removed, your perfection permeates your entire being. It fills each cell. It informs each hair on your head. It drives your breath and your heartbeat, every motion and every thought. It is your life force. When you open your mouth to sing, it is what comes out. 

The question is never IF it is there. It leaves the body at death. If you’re alive, it’s there.

The question is if you NOTICE. If you understand the water you are swimming in. If you are aware of your innate perfection and the fact that nothing you could do, and no one on the planet, can take that away from you. 

This is the part of you that is abundant, graceful, blessed, loving, patient, and kind. You don’t have to try to become those things. You ARE those things. They aren’t “out there”. They are “in here”.

If you feel that those qualities aren’t being brought into the world through you, then you have forgotten ~ but all is not lost. They were not lost either. Just return to the perfection you are, and remember what is true. Remind yourself like a small child who is tearful because they can’t get their socks on, the dog won’t move, or it’s raining. Be patient with yourself as this moment, too, shall pass.

You may forget what is true again. Just remember how to find your way home.


Love, one step at a time.

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monogamyMonogamy is becoming increasingly difficult to find. We’re in an age of sky-high divorce rates, pass-through relationships, and “friends with benefits”. Regardless of your sexual preference or current relationship status the road ahead may look scary, or bleak.

In my mind, the concept of monogamy is an inaccurate representation of reality. And when you expect one thing and you find another, disillusionment hits hard — and it all falls apart.

This isn’t a post about the benefits of polygamy. The problem isn’t that we are no longer happy with having just one mate or that we are hard wired to have multiple mates. It’s that finding a person who is truly “one” person is incredibly rare.

Whether you’re in or out of relationship, in life you bring all of your various personality aspects to the table. Each personality aspect has its own voice, almost like riders on a bus. As a result, what on the outside appears to be one person in actuality can be upwards of ten different voices all hiding behind a single face. Put two people like that together and you no longer are dealing with monogamy. You have a full size committee.

Now imagine that committee in bed. It’s no wonder that couples have issues!

The first key to success in relationship is that each partner be committed to finding and following the deepest true voice within, beyond the formidable noise of the personality aspects. Without a mutual promise to find the silence within and follow the wisdom of the heart, the relationship can only produce drama and struggle.

That’s spiritual practice. It doesn’t matter what you do to reach that place of clarity — it is only essential that you do it. Daily.

The second key is to give some rhythm and power to a healthy connection. Both couples and families need an anchor to come back to time and time again. The thing you do. The way you do it. Make a list of 5 things you both agree to do together, and then take turns asking for it. This will become your way of saying “I love you” when it might otherwise be difficult to verbalize.

The ego personality head noise can be deafening. The heart can be more subtle. Learn to love your partner’s voices and ask him to drop into his heart when he is stuck in his head. Stand as his witness and support through the journey of learning to live from the heart. Ask for a witness to your own.

With steady and wise attention, the voices inside can be reconciled and the committee can be dismissed. It’s at that point that one is truly “one person”, ready for transcended relationship with another. Ready to fly.