Are You Floating? Or Do You Have Your Feet on the Ground?

I maintain that there are two kinds of people: very expanded, transcended people who need to put their feet on the ground, and very grounded, practical people who need to have a transcended experience. It seems to me that the goal is to become both simultaneously. Floating generally starts when there was trauma prior to the age [...]

2018-01-26T23:33:42+00:00 By |Discernment|

Your (One) Zone of Incompetence

When Native Americans make something, there's usually a small flaw in it. It might be a bead that doesn't belong where it is in the pattern. A square of the quilt that doesn't exactly match. A stripe that ends halfway across the design when it really should go all the way across. This practice has [...]

2018-02-28T18:44:55+00:00 By |Discernment, Empowerment|

Why You Don’t Need to Leave Your Relationship

If you're struggling in your relationship, you might be thinking about leaving. That's a normal human reaction, since we all are programmed to avoid pain. However, many an otherwise good relationship has ended because of the failure to understand one simple truth: your life lessons have nothing to do with your partner. You need to learn [...]

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