Your (One) Zone of Incompetence

When Native Americans make something, there's usually a small flaw in it. It might be a bead that doesn't belong where it is in the pattern. A square of the quilt that doesn't exactly match. A stripe that ends halfway across the design when it really should go all the way across. This practice has [...]

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This May Be the Last Columbus Day… Good Thing.

It's heating up in the political arena as representatives of indigenous communities step up to demand that Columbus Day be renamed. It hardly seems right to celebrate this holiday given the consciousness about oppression we have today. Although activist's efforts are being met with varying degrees of success, if Fargo and New York can do it, [...]

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How to Create Wellness When You Don’t Have Time to Make Your Lunch

There your career goes, screaming along an 100 miles an hour. You don't mind the commute because it gives you time to think. You can't remember the last night you had a real date with your spouse. Your vacations involve a laptop. And one day it occurs to you: this is completely unsustainable. You're a hamster [...]

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Moving Beyond Your Family’s Limitations

In the lives of every conscious traveler, there comes a time when you are challenged to step out beyond what has been done in your family lineage before. Although that may not be consciously terrifying, it's often fraught with struggle. Why? We're crashing into our subconscious limitations. For the first seven years of life, we swim in the [...]

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