Meditation and Mindfulness with Paige Davis

What do meditation and mindfulness have to do with growing a business? Join Kimberly and Paige Davis, meditation and mindfulness instructor as they explore how these practices may be the key to your success. You’ll learn: What the most current brain science tells us about how and why these practices work Misconceptions about meditation and [...]

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Mastering Your Creativity with the Dada Nabhaniilananda

Creativity is the key to success - but how can you master it so you enjoy the benefits and not the chaos? Join Kimberly as she interviews Dada Nabhaniilananda, expert in creativity and meditation. You'll learn: The challenges inherent in creativity, which is the most desirable quality in leaders today How meditation positively affects the creative [...]

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Becoming a Rainmaker with Kimberly Errigo, Master Coach

Join Kimberly Errigo as she teaches how to become the rainmaker you are meant to be! How to shift your mindset to the self-awareness that produces excellence How to develop the energetic presence and personal strength that make you magnetic How to break through your personal barriers to success — permanently [...]

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