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You’re probably asking one of life’s big questions:

  • How do I fix the painful conflict I am having?
  • What am I supposed to be doing with my life?
  • How can I have more fun?
  • How can I make more money?
  • How can I turn my passion into a viable business?
  • Where on this amazing planet is my sweet spot?

We’ll activate your untapped mind so you get answers. 

The only person who has the correct answers for your big decisions is YOU. In a safe, agenda-free space of discernment and inquiry, I will help you explore your decisions and find your authentic truth — FAST.

The problem comes when we try to solve a problem with the same mindset we used to create it. Only a shift in perception – an expansion of consciousness — will help you move in a new direction. Modern neurobiology shows that the mind isn’t limited to the head. It’s intrinsically connected to your body and spirit. To unlock your genius, you need to access to your “untapped mind”.

Among coaches, I’m unusually perceptive. 

Like any coach, I motivate, inspire, design challenges, encourage, and foster greatness in my clients. But among coaches, because of my training I’m unusually perceptive. I’ll show you what you aren’t seeing so you can make changes to get better results. I’ll help you create alignment between what you say, what you do, and what you believe. In your authenticity, you will find your true power.

I specialize in resolving life purpose, relationship, and wellness issues as a leadership coach. After almost 20 years supporting clients, I deeply understand the art and science of transformation. If you only want accountability, I’m not the coach for you. My clients are all highly motivated to succeed and just need a clear vision of what they need to do so they can make it happen. When you know which way to go, you become free to explore new opportunities, take steps into your ideal career, foster your best relationship, and launch new initiatives that are aligned with your biggest goals.

Let’s find clarity — and then create the change you’ve been dreaming of.

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