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There’s a moment in life when mindfulness becomes more than just a juicy idea. It becomes a requirement.

For most people, stress levels are too high. We are overworked, stressed at home, and experiencing stress-related health conditions like anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and back pain. Our relationships may be suffering, and we may feel there is simply no time for us to have a moment of peace. We see the same stress levels in our children, which makes it even worse.

The world we live in is complex, demanding, and encourages self-interest — and will only become more so as global conditions shift. We are looking ahead to an uncertain future, a future of changing and complex conditions. Yet, every challenge is either won or lost in the mind. Awareness and mastery of the mind is a requisite for success on both the individual and the business level.

Leveraging the art and science of mindfulness will help us create optimal well-being — and improve our ability to enjoy both success and a peaceful life. 

ELEVATE integrates mindfulness and leadership development so you can support yourself from within to reach your full potential. It will help you embody a higher level of consciousness so you are living the most evolved reality you know. ELEVATE is a year long program so you can experience inner shifts and then gradually bring your new awareness back to the world in a strong and sustainable way.

Personal and professional growth begins with inner shifts in awareness. When you choose to spend time in ELEVATE, you are choosing to create alignment between what you say, what you do, and what you believe. That alignment will open up an entirely new field of possibilities. New levels of leadership. A bigger voice in the world. The path of your destiny.

ELEVATE members develop higher levels of: 

  • Attention, focus, and presence in the face of ambiguity
  • Harmony between their work and personal lives
  • Unconditional self-acceptance
  • Strategic thinking and authority
  • Authenticity and clarity
  • Inner spaciousness, support, and freedom
  • Calm, confidence, and the ability to listen amidst the pressures of daily life

ELEVATE is for you if:

  • You’re overworked, experiencing a high level of stress, and struggling to balance work and play. You’re aware of the fact that your work affects your home life, and vice versa. Rather than choosing pharmaceutical solutions, you want to discover and develop your own inner resources for well-being and balance. You know that as you reduce your stress levels, you’ll perform better, sleep better, have less anxiety, and have fewer physical symptoms.

  • You’re excited to learn new skills — or deepen an existing practice. Your top priority has become optimal wellness so you can be successful both at work and at home. You want to integrate business and career growth without sacrificing the rest of your life or the comforts you’ve worked hard to achieve.  You want to become more aware of your energy and the energy around you, and learn the science behind creating breakthroughs — so you can have one at any time. Ultimately, you believe you can have it all. (You can.)

  • You’re ready to lean into unconditional support. You choose to be guided all the way by a successful businesswoman and coach with two decades of experience helping people discover what they want and how to get it. You’re ready to enjoy being part of a group that offers encouragement, motivation, support, and inspiration as you all move along a similar path.

ELEVATE is the ONLY mindfulness program that includes a deep dive with an indigenous shaman on the sacred mountain of Haleakala. I prepare you so you are able to make the most of this incredible opportunity. You’ll be supported before, during, and after your immersion so you can experience growth and change with ease and grace. (Aaaahhhh.)

Your year in ELEVATE includes:

Your Mastermind group will help you create alignment between what you say, what you do, and what you believe. The intimate group environment assures that you’ll always get 1-1 attention. And although you’ll be new to each other at first, I personally design the groups in order to match people I think will easily grow together. You can expect both high-level strategy, laser coaching, and deep energetic shifts that create breakthroughs! (max. 8 members per group; meets twice a month; scheduled according to the group member’s needs.)

Our monthly online activations leverage ancient techniques of ritual and ceremony to move the group from the logical realm into the realm of embodiment. You’ll practice working in the Unified Field, learning to align with the deeper forces in the world that heal and return you to your natural state. You’ll get better at sensing energy, accessing your creativity and intuition, and responding to others with compassion and consciousness. (These events ALONE will cause a natural upleveling in every area of your personal and professional life!)

The core curriculum for ELEVATE includes video lectures, study guides, quizzes, and practical exercises designed to help you access a higher level of control over your energetic experience. I teach metacognition, positive psychology, connecting with the core self, quieting the mind, and energy intelligence as well as the research-based techniques that have been proven effective in reducing stress and enhancing well-being. You’ll become more aware of your energy body and be well prepared to get the most from our immersion experience.

Becoming fully and joyfully engaged in your path requires three things: energetic alignment, a clear roadmap, and practical, tactical skills. These life-changing conversations with me will reveal what’s hidden, catalyze profound personal shifts in every layer of your being, and provide the foundation for your biggest transformation in the year ahead. We’ll do the first one at the beginning of the program. You may use the others during the year when the timing is best for you.

A circle of passionate, courageous, conscious people on a mission is what will transform both your individual life and the world as we know it. You’ll experience unconditional support from other high-level lightworkers, leaders, healers, and visionaries who hold you, challenge you, and have your back — 24/7.

I believe in the power of immersion learning as a tool for personal transformation. Although it takes effort to set aside the demands of modern life for a period of time, focusing on your inner journey often produces unexpected gains towards cherished goals that have been elusive.

The EVOLVE luxury retreat is where your biggest breakthroughs will happen. Daily energy activations will prepare you for a deep dive with an indigenous shaman on the sacred mountain of Haleakala.  You will have plenty of time to journal, meditate, and process during this retreat so you can best integrate and synthesize your new awareness. You’ll find a new depth of understanding about who you are – and who you’re becoming. PLUS, you can bring a friend, partner, or colleague — even if they aren’t in ELEVATE. (Flights, lodging, and meals not included. Travel dates will be announced this summer. We will travel after the New Year so you will have plenty of time to plan.)

Membership Levels

Save with a pay-in-full option. You may add a private coaching package at the members-only rate after you join, if you choose.

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“There is a magical essence about my work with Kimberly. With her help, I was able to uncover a greater sense of the real self within.”

– Dion, Operations Manager


“You are very gifted at what you do. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing with me, helping me walk through a huge transition period in my life as I reinvent myself!”
– Rose B


“Amazing group leadership. Every call felt solid, deep, and complete. And you always got to the heart of the matter — with ALL of us!”

– LC