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There’s nothing worse than the gap between the life you’re living and what you know is truly possible.

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You’re smart. Compassionate. Know what’s going on. And want deeply to be your truest self and live a bigger, better life.

But unfortunately, what you know is possible isn’t happening (yet). You aren’t as joyful, productive, or aligned as you could be. Whether it’s in your relationships, your career, your health, or your business you feel like a slightly smaller version of the You that you know is possible.

What’s more, you’re painfully aware that every minute you aren’t being that highest version of You is a minute wasted.


You don’t need to settle. With the proper support, you really can create your best life.

We can bring your REAL brilliance out into the world in a meaningful way that honors your own deepest needs and desires.

Create coherence between your heart and mind.

Balance the work of improving the world with the delight of enjoying it.

Unite with others in the shared purpose of building a better world.

Break down the barriers to old ways of thinking and create what all of us in the “consciousness space” know is possible.

You’ll be more present. More grounded in who you are. More confident in your leadership. Knowing you are making a difference in the highest way you can. And having a ton of fun!

How would that feel?

ELEVATE: your year of transformation in leadership and life

ELEVATE is an exclusive, year-long leadership development experience for men and women who are on a mission to become the best version of themselves — and to change the world.

Transforming yourself isn’t just for you. It’s to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all of humanity.

When you realize your true potential and get what you REALLY want, you inspire others to live their best lives, too.

You become a catalyst. A change agent. A powerhouse.

And with your energy aligned just right, you’ll become magnetic to the dream your soul is dreaming for you (even if you don’t currently know what it is).

There’s a moment in life when being magnetic to your dreams becomes more than just a juicy idea. It becomes a requirement.

If that’s how you feel, we should talk.

At the end of your ELEVATE year, you will:

  • Be getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

    The stresses and struggles you’ve been having will have fallen away. You’ll know what you want and be on the path to making it a reality — and you’ll have a personal brand, executive presence, and authority that will take you there. You’re present and powerful, and are more effective because of it.

  • Feel happy with your life and excited for every day.

    You’ll be leveraging your strengths in your career, whether it’s through a heart-centered, entrepreneurial vocation or climbing the ladder. The bad days may come, but you won’t let that get you down. You’ll be tuned into a better tomorrow and are confident and ready to do the work to get there. You’re happy in the present and are looking ahead to a future that you love.

  • Experience unconditional self-acceptance.

    You’ll have the tools you need to confidently access your intuition, creativity, and ability to make decisions from a growth mindset. You’ll be a better listener, and all of your relationships will be better as a result.  You’ll have flipped the switch from reactive to responsive, and your emotions will no longer be the boss of you. You easily understand your personal truth and are able to be authentic.

  • Be surrounded by a community of like-minded people who make you feel fully supported and ready to take on the world.

    Your community is filled with strong women and compassionate men who know who they are and want to achieve their potential. You feel heard and seen in a way you never have before. Your new tribe gets you, and more importantly – they’re rooting for you every step of the way. You’re all in this together and are better people because of it.

Profound belonging. Expanded awareness. Your full potential.

ELEVATE is the ONLY leadership development program that includes a deep dive with an indigenous shaman on the sacred mountain of Haleakala.

Lots of coaches promise results, but what they don’t realize is that the mastery of your energy combined with self-awareness drives all of your results. ELEVATE integrates leadership development strategies with powerful mindset and energy work techniques, so you can reach your full potential.

ELEVATE is a high-level program for people who have already done a significant amount of personal development work, but still are not seeing the full integration of their genius in every aspect of their lives. It’s for those who choose to be guided all the way by a successful businesswoman and coach with two decades of experience helping people discover what they want and how to get it.


“I call you my “angel with a laser beam”. You were the one who first saw the CEO in me and then coached me through my blocks to being it. You saw my blocks to intimacy and coached me into the marriage of my dreams. You are truly the secret to my success.”


“When I began working with Kimberly, I had been spinning my wheels for quite some time. I have grown more in the past four months than I ever have before. My husband even says I smile more.

Kimberly is teaching me to fly.”

– Dawn S, RN


“You moved me closer to leading an authentic life, one that includes the things I want in it – a satisfying love life, a career that motivates me, relationships that are rewarding, hobbies that free my soul, and a strong connection with the spirit.”

– PD, Entrepreneur

Peak Performance and Full Integration,
with Effortless Grace

Personal and professional growth starts with inner shifts in awareness. These shifts open up an entirely new field of possibilities. New levels of leadership. A bigger voice in the world. The path of your destiny.

Or maybe you just want to be loved wildly and passionately. (There’s a group for that.)

Regardless, opening the door doesn’t mean you are ready to step through it.

ELEVATE will help you embody a higher level of consciousness so you are living the most evolved reality you know. It’s a year long program so you can experience your big shifts — and then gradually build a strong, sustainable new You, bringing your gifts to the wider world.

Do you hate coming home to the stress of your life after a fabulous transformational weekend? So do I.

In ELEVATE, you’ll be supported before, during, and after your shifts so you can experience growth and change with ease and grace.


ELEVATE is for you if:

  • You’re a mission-driven entrepreneur or professional — either is ok — who wants to stay balanced while you grow into your leadership potential. You want to integrate business and career growth without sacrificing the rest of your life or the comforts you’ve worked hard to achieve. You might be raising children or just need a lot of time for self-care. Ultimately, you believe you can have it all. (You can.)

  • You want to both enjoy and help heal the broken world. If you just want to make more money so you can have better toys, I’m not the right coach for you. In ELEVATE you’ll find men and women who want to lead lives that restore what Native Americans call “the broken hoop” — for themselves and everyone else.

  • You’re committed to showing up and using the tools you’re provided to learn, discover, and transform yourself and your life. You’ll have access to video lectures, study guides, quizzes, and coaching sessions that will give you the tools and information you need for this journey. You just have to show up and do the work to elevate to that higher state of being.

  • You’re willing to enjoy the journey with an open mind. Transformation can be messy and difficult, but it can also be fun and freeing! To get the most out of Elevate and to see the results you want, have an open mind that’s ready to explore many possibilities and truths as you learn to see yourself and your life in a whole new light.

  • You’re ready to lean into the support and embrace the community. You no longer have to feel alone or unsupported because there’s a group full of people ready to provide that community and understanding. You’ll enjoy being part of a group that offers encouragement, motivation, support, and inspiration as you all move along a similar path.

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“There is a magical essence about my work with Kimberly. With her help, I was able to uncover a greater sense of the real self within.”

– Dion, Operations Manager


“You are very gifted at what you do. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing with me, helping me walk through a huge transition period in my life as I reinvent myself!”
– Rose B


“Amazing group leadership. Every call felt solid, deep, and complete. And you always got to the heart of the matter — with ALL of us!”

– LC

As a member of ELEVATE,
in the next 12 months you’ll receive …


($20,000 value)

Your Mastermind group will help you create alignment between what you say, what you do, and what you believe. The intimate group environment assures that you’ll always get 1-1 attention. And although you’ll be new to each other at first, I personally create groups that are vibrationally aligned so everyone will grow together. You can expect both high-level strategy, laser coaching, and deep energetic shifts that create breakthroughs! (max. 8 members per group; meets twice a month; scheduled according to the group member’s needs.)


($1,200 value)

Our online activations leverage ancient techniques of ritual and ceremony to move the group from the logical realm into the realm of authentic power. You’ll practice working in the Unified Field, learning to align with the deeper forces in the world that heal and return you to your natural state. You’ll get better at sensing energy, accessing your creativity and intuition, and responding to others with compassion and consciousness. (These events ALONE will cause a natural upleveling in every area of your personal and professional life!)


($6,000 value)

The core curriculum for ELEVATE includes video lectures, study guides, quizzes, and practical exercises designed to help you access a higher level of control over your energetic experience. Modules include  Making Space for Spirit, Connecting with Your Core Self, Energy 101, Surrender, Disruption and Trickster Moves, Working with Your Guides, Rebirthing You, Dream Work, Doorways to Awareness, Dancing with Fire, Visioning, and Full Integration. You’ll become more aware of your energy body and be well prepared to get the most from our immersion experience.


($2,000 value)

Becoming fully and joyfully engaged in your path requires three things: energetic alignment, a clear roadmap, and practical, tactical skills. These life-changing conversations with Kimberly will reveal what’s hidden, catalyze profound personal shifts in every layer of your being, and provide the foundation for your biggest transformation in the year ahead. We’ll do the first one at the beginning of the program. You may use the others during the year when the timing is best for you.


(value: priceless)

A circle of passionate, conscious people on a mission is what transforms the world as we know it. You’ll experience unconditional support from other high-level lightworkers, leaders, healers, and visionaries who hold you, challenge you, and have your back — 24/7.


($6,000 value)

The EVOLVE luxury retreat is where your biggest breakthroughs will happen. Daily energy activations will prepare you for a deep dive with an indigenous shaman on the sacred mountain of Haleakala.  You’ll find a new depth of understanding about who you are – and who you’re becoming. PLUS, you can bring a friend, partner, or colleague — even if they aren’t in ELEVATE. (Flights, lodging, and meals not included. Travel dates will be announced this summer. We will travel after the New Year so you will have plenty of time to plan.)

Investment: $997 per month for 12 months

Save with a pay-in-full option. Returning members are welcomed with a special rate.
You may add a private coaching package to your membership after you join, if you choose.

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Together, we’ll create your best life —
and change the world.

Right now, people around the planet are doing amazing things that will shape a positive future for our planet. This is the leading edge. 

There are significant planetary changes coming that will impact every species on Earth — including ours. As the source of the destruction, humans have a moral and ethical obligation to be the source of the solution.  

Leaders for this time must be connected to emotional intelligence, timeless wisdom, fearless curiosity, and ferocious purpose. We must hone our capacity for empathy and deep compassion. We must be committed to optimism, tolerance, and cultural competency.

We have to know how to activate authentic human potential, starting with our own.

This world needs you to step into your potential. That requires a step into who we can become — mind, body, and spirit.

In ELEVATE, you will:

  • Learn the science behind creating breakthroughs — so you can have one at any time

  • Become more aware of your energy and the energy around you

  • Discover what you truly want and who you really want to be

  • Leverage your unique gifts to create greater impact and success

  • Explore what peak performance means for you and move your life and career into full integration

  • Hone your innate capacity for intuition, creativity, motivation, and innovation

  • Receive unconditional support — and escape your limiting stories — as you integrate your new truths into your life

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Why me? I’m a master of transformation,
and you want the best.

“Living your awakened potential” demands a shift in consciousness.
Nowhere has that been more true than in my own life.

Hi! I’m Kimberly. ELEVATE is my favorite program to teach in the whole world.

I created it, but I had to live it first.

As a young woman I was smart, but not inspiring. Pretty, but not powerful. Competent, but not magnetic. In fact, my first boyfriend told me I didn’t have charisma. I was born in the same hospital as Prince, but it seemed clear that I wasn’t destined to be a rock star. I was a leader and I wanted to help others, but I wasn’t connected to my authentic power. In many ways, I was asleep.

When I stepped into the rainforest, all of that changed. I discovered traditional shamans who welcomed me as a student they had been expecting. They showed me that I was someone I never thought I could become.

I had entered the rainforest as a scientist and educator, but I left it as a mystic. My entire reality changed as I realized that if we want to save our species, we can’t just teach “what to do” and “what not to do.” We have to shift our consciousness about the human role in the web of Life. That’s what it means to become the change.

It is that awareness that propelled me into becoming a coach.

The shift from who I used to be to who I am now was dramatic. Now, my clients describe me as inspiring, powerful, magnetic, charismatic, and authentic. I’m playful, joyful, and fully present. Wherever I go, I’m called into a leadership role because of the energy I bring. I get to help people who are working on really exciting projects that are going to make a difference for future generations.

It has been a true gift to spend two decades helping my clients unlock their genius, realize their true potential, and achieve their biggest dreams. With proven strategies drawn from integrative wellness, transformational psychology, and leadership development – I get results even in the toughest situations. Like any coach, I motivate, inspire, design challenges, encourage, and foster greatness in my clients. But among coaches, because of my training I’m unusually perceptive. I’ll show you what you aren’t seeing so you can get better results than you ever have before.

I believe in your ability to deeply enjoy life while making a big difference. You can have both.

And our future depends on you doing just that.

My clients include high performers and emerging leaders from:

There’s no need to suffer to get what you want. The time of the lone wolf is over.

ELEVATE combines group coaching, private sessions, monthly activations, and cutting-edge training curriculum to provide the knowledge and support you need to have your breakthrough and fully align your energy with your best life.

The truth is the year will go by, either way. Will you spend it in ELEVATE, enjoying the community and transforming your life, and look back at the end of the year at how far you’ve come? Or will you try to do it alone, and when you look back at the year’s end see yourself still sitting in the same place that you are now? This decision is up to you.

When you choose to spend time in ELEVATE, you are choosing to create alignment between what you say, what you do, and what you believe. In your authenticity, you will find your true power.

It’s a decision you won’t regret.

The journey of potential is only for the courageous.
Is that you?

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