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An EVOLVE Mindfulness Immersion is for you if:

  • You’re inspired to pull back from life for a weekend to reset. Even though you have a busy life, with demands at work and at home, you know that you’re a better parent, partner, lover, and friend if you take breaks to recharge. You seek out immersion learning experiences because you know how valuable they are.

  • You’re excited to have bigger, deeper, and more profound personal shifts. You aren’t afraid of what you’ll find when you go deep. You’re looking for a coach who can meet you fully and take you somewhere new inside of yourself – and you trust yourself to know who that is when you meet them.

  • You’re on a mission to become the best version of yourself — and to change the world. You’re not focused only on making money and dying with the most toys. You’re aware that there are significant planetary changes coming that will impact every species on Earth — including ours. You believe that humans have a moral and ethical obligation to be the source of the solution, and you’re excited to embody the higher level of consciousness it will take to get there.

“From the beginning, I was immediately impressed with Kimberly’s presence. She commands conscious and genuine communication in even the most mundane interactions. Kimberly is truly an inspiration.”

— CB, School Director

I believe in the power of immersion learning as a tool for personal transformation.

The EVOLVE luxury retreat is where your biggest breakthroughs will happen. Although it takes effort to set aside the demands of modern life for a period of time, focusing on your inner journey often produces unexpected gains towards cherished goals that have been elusive. One of my retreats ALONE will cause a profound upleveling in every area of your personal and professional life!

At EVOLVE, we leverage ancient techniques of ritual and ceremony to move the group from the logical realm into the realm of embodiment. You’ll get better at sensing energy, accessing your creativity and intuition, and responding to others with compassion and consciousness. Along with a deeper mindfulness practice, you’ll find a new depth of understanding about who you are – and who you’re becoming.

Upcoming Immersions

“I went from struggling to buy groceries to the CEO of a half-million dollar company… In less than a year.
It’s the inner shifts that happened from working with Kimberly that made it possible.”

— DS


  • One ticket to all retreat events (9 am – 6 pm on each retreat day, plus 2 evening events)
  • Meals and lodging at the retreat center
  • Pre-retreat mixer and reflection assignments
  • Private, 1-1 Integration Session over the phone after the retreat (60 minutes)
  • Access to the online learning community for 14 days before and 30 days after the retreat

A detailed schedule, as well as exact retreat location, will be shared upon request after completion of the New Client 1-1 session. 

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You are perhaps the most life-changing and soul-warming human I’ve ever been blessed to know. You have saved me, prepared me and continue to love me, unconditionally. You are magical, amazing, and define the essence of light and beauty. I love you.”

— TS, Cisco


“Knowing you has changed my life. I am forever grateful for your support and wisdom.”

– LH, Wellness Coach


“I will remember these days forever. You have helped me reach higher than I thought I could hope to even see.”

– AW; Entrepreneur


” I was astonished at how fast my transformation took place. Kimberly is the most powerful woman I know.”