Flutes: Ancient and Modern Tools for Transformation with Peter Phippen

Listen in as Grammy Award nominee and four-time Native American Music Award nominee Peter Phippen explores:

  • Where music really comes from
  • The key to deep listening to life
  • How to dance with the unknown

Peter Phippen, Flautist

Peter Phippen is a Grammy Award Nominee, International Acoustic Music Awards Nominee and Native American Music Awards Nominee. Peter is a performer and recording artist specializing in traditional flutes from around the world. As an educator, Phippen has researched the history and performance technique of flutes both ancient and modern and shares this knowledge in concerts, lessons, workshops, and artist residencies.

Since 1993, Phippen has performed an enchanting mix of the very old and very new in music. Peter has shared the stage with R. Carlos Nakai, Coyote Oldman, and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl to name a few.

Experience Peter Phippen’s timeless world of sound images. His educational and entertaining program covers the folklore and history of flutes from around the world and throughout time.

As a recording artist for Canyon Records, Phippen has released four CDs of original music. Peter has also released several instrumental albums for Promotion Music Records. Phippen’s recordings have been aired on radio and television world wide.

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