Not Enough Money to Get Help :(

//Not Enough Money to Get Help :(

Not Enough Money to Get Help :(

Dear Kimberly,

If one is in need of a healing service but feels daunted by the fee, how might one overcome the cost? Is this a lesson in self worth? Please speak to this.

Thrifty in Need

Dear Thrifty,

It could be a lesson in self-worth – valuing yourself enough to spend money on your healing. A simple exercise will bring this into focus. If you would spend money on your child’s healing easily but resist your own, low self-worth is driving your choices.

But more likely, something else is going on: you lack confidence in the options you have available to you, or in knowing which one is right. If you KNEW that the healing service would be effective, I suspect you would find a way to purchase it.

Choosing a practitioner is one of the most challenging parts of the healing journey. There are so many modalities, options, and approaches. There are SO many practitioners. The personal development industry has exploded and will continue to grow exponentially in the years ahead.

It isn’t always the loudest, most socially connected, most visible person who is the best practitioner for you. It’s not necessarily the one you always know, or the one your best friend knows. It’s not always the person in your networking group or the one who attends your church. You might need to interview a few before you find the right one.

How will you know which to choose? Valid industry credentials are helpful, but not everything. You should have the feeling that the person understands you and has experience helping others with the kind of situation you want to resolve. You should feel listened to, and heard. 

When you find someone you are CONFIDENT will help you make progress, you will feel better about investing in your healing.  And when you prioritize your healing as much as you would your child’s, money to help in that endeavor will flow to you with grace and ease.

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