Closing Your Coaching Account 2018-07-13T15:52:43+00:00

Thank you for the gift of watching you grow and flourish!

I appreciate your trust in me as your coach. It took a lot of courage to be vulnerable with me through your process of growth. I hold that as a sacred gift.

I have one final administrative favor to ask. Please complete the forms below so I can close your coaching file. This helps me keep good records and collect data about the efficacy of my work.

Thank you again for the delight of working with you! I look forward to when our paths cross again.



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Saving Your Client Files

The best way to save your client file is to export your notes to your desktop using the Evernote desktop software. Then, import them into an Evernote notebook that you own. See this link for help.

You are also the owner of your Google folder, which contains all of your session recordings. Please remove me as a user from this folder. Thank you! 🙂