The Struggle to Surrender

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Spiritual teachers tell us that you should trust, follow your heart, and surrender to the plan that is bigger than you are. The spiritual journey begins with turning away from the ego candy of willful desire and deliberately choosing to turn your attention inwards. You recalibrate yourself to following your guidance and intuition. You place your deepest trust in the belief that every step taken with such guidance is blessed with divine protection. You believe you will emerge victorious from any metaphorical minefield. And mostly, you do. Most of the time you end up in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. You find the things you need at the store. You run into the person you wanted to see. Nothing bad happens. You feel lucky.

But sometimes, plans shift in a way that you never would have anticipated or chosen. In the end, you may feel betrayed, abandoned, and afraid. In your vulnerability, you may feel that you’ve lost. You may plunge into doubt about your ability to perceive right action or choose right relationships. In your darkest moments, you may act like a victim and blame someone else for causing bad things to happen.

Yet, the truth of these moments is not that they are moments of loss. They are moments of opportunity: to deepen in your faith, to mature in your understanding of uncertainty, to refine your communication skills, and to become more authentic and honest about what you want and need.

It’s easy to feel guided and victorious when things work out the way you want. It requires a deliberate, powerful choice to believe that everything is perfect when you feel uncomfortable, hurt, or afraid. But, just as you can see the quality of a person’s character in the way they deal with conflict, you can see the quality of your own faith when you look at how you react to the difficult occurrences in your life. True faith comes from an understanding that we are always living a divinely guided life, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

All of us are manifestations of God; we are fingers on the hand of the Divine. We are in this reality, and are creating this reality, together. Because of this truth, there are no victims and there is no blame. We come into relationship with others in order to align us more closely with our true divine self. When there is conflict, the goal is to take responsibility for your part and use it to create more inner strength. You will know when this has happened because you will be able to honestly and clearly thank anyone else who was involved for helping you to become a stronger and more powerful person.

We are always engaged in the process of becoming more and more awakened, of increasing our experience of oneness with God, whether we are conscious of that or not. If you always expect the exact right thing to happen, you can face the future without fear. If you fully understand that anything that is truly in your highest good is also in alignment for everyone else, you liberate yourself from the guilt and shame that have kept you from honoring your own needs. You will relax in total, glorious surrender to the Universe. Standing in complete trust and sacred partnership, you open to the beauty of life as you would to your divine lover. You face life as if it were perfectly designed for your benefit and enjoyment.

A person who is surrendered to the divine has light in their face. He or she radiates the profound peace and bliss that only appear when one experiences the deepest truth of reality: that we are never alone, that we are totally and completely supported by All That Is, that the world is a beautiful playground in which we can manifest our heart’s desire with grace and ease. Precious few of us are trained to trust this deeply, but you can always retrain yourself by making the conscious choice to do so. Start with knowing that everything is perfect. Start with expecting that you will always get what you want, or something better. Start with knowing you are a drop of God in a sea of God. Become alive. Become awake.

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Traveling Light

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I’ve taken a few weeks off from writing to you because I’ve been in the middle of a huge shift. On August 12 Nico and I moved to Santa Cruz, California to fulfill the dream I’ve had for most of my life: to live by the ocean :)

If you’ve ever moved across the country to an unfamiliar town you know how much work it is to get settled. For us it has been a little easier than for most. Here is our number-one secret to adapting quickly to change:

Travel light.

Last year when we began the journey of exploration that led us to Costa Rica and Panama we carried only the most important and useful of our possessions. We’ve also carried a light attitude that everything is aligning to bring us more joy, a light heart that allows difficulties to slide off our backs, and a light in our eyes that lets other people see our joyful spirit.

With lightness in place, change is always good.

To the new day,


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A note on grief and longing

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Did you enjoy the full moon and the eclipse? It’s actually common to notice some feelings of grief or longing along with these celestial alignments ~ universal energy kicks up the emotional dust bunnies you missed the last time you cleaned house. Remember, life is designed to bring you into your true power. So whatever you’re experiencing is exactly the right thing, right now. Hurray!

Still, we don’t want to sit in grief and longing for very long. It’s there so you can acknowledge it, bless it, and release it ~ and then move on into joy. Luckily, this is just as easy as you can imagine!
Imagine yourself giving that grief and longing to the Earth, a summertime fire, your favorite body of water, or little imaginary soap bubbles that float off into the sky. Letting go is easy. The joy that follows is worth it.
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Light into the Darkness

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It’s a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon, on the heels of the biggest tornado in 30 years tearing through Minneapolis on the same day as another tornado leveled Joplin, Missouri. Thirty years ago scientists told us we could expect this kind of thing if climate change continued, and it has.**Sigh**
Sometimes you can see a crisis coming from a long way away, but don’t react because you’re not sure what to do….kind of like an ostrich putting his head in the sand. Not the most effective strategy, but certainly understandable in the face of overwhelm. Yet, there really has to be another way. Crises don’t get better on their own. Without action, the crisis remains ~ even if it is just festering under the level of your attention.
This week, I invite you to become a spiritual warrior in the face of whatever crises are in your life. Bring the light into the darkness. Stand strong in your heart, and love until your heart opens wider than it ever has before.
You can do it. I believe in you.
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