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Create the life and career
you’ve always imagined.

I’ll help you develop a clear roadmap of where you’re going.
Teach you practical, tactical skills for success.
And align your energy and mindset with your ideal future.


Discover how you can:

“I have never had so many transformations so quickly. Huge breakthroughs and awesome homework. Simply amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever been seen the way you see me.”

— Cristina, CEO

You don’t need to settle. With the proper support,
you really can create your best life.

Hi, I’m Kimberly!

As an experienced educator and executive leadership coach, I’m an expert in helping people reach their full potential.

I specialize in helping successful people who are still not fully happy close the gap between their inner and outer experiences.

They – like you – wanted their lives to be different. Although they appeared successful, something was missing. They wanted more than existing in a low-grade state of unhappiness. But busyness, overwhelm, and doubt kept them stuck. Worse, they couldn’t see what was really wrong – or how to fix it.

And stuck is a painful place to be.

That’s when they knocked on my door. For two decades, I’ve helped my clients create breakthroughs using effective, proven strategies from the fields of integrative wellness, transformational psychology, and leadership development — along with my own “special sauce.” With all my experience, I get results in even the toughest situations.

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I coach successful people who want more …


Taking on increased responsibilities

Making a bigger impact

Scaling a business

Defining your mission


Stress reduction

Intuitive development

Time management



Making big decisions

Negotiating change

Reinventing yourself

Starting over

“Working with Kimberly is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Whether you’re facing an unexpected life transition or looking to ignite a new chapter in your life, Kimberly provides an unparalleled level of support, wisdom and coaching to navigate the uncertainty and fear that often exist when charting new territory. I highly recommend Kimberly to the individual ready to do the personal work necessary to elevate their life to its greatest potential and purpose.”

— Katie, Director

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“I’ve not ever before experienced a person with the depth, wisdom, integrity, practicality, and equanimity you have. You consistently inspire me with exactly the right words to light my fire — and you totally meet me in the depth of some really rough stuff!”

— Tamara