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You have more (or bigger) problems than usual.

Your life, company, and/or career are imploding -- but despite the emotions, you still have to show up at a high level. You need a trusted adviser who understands crisis -- and opportunity.

You're in a major transition with high stakes.

Stakes are high and failure isn't an option. How can you make it as great as it can be? I'll support you through the transition with coaching and aligned strategy which will take you where you really want to go.

Your current reality feels too small.

You're bored! Regardless of what you've already achieved, you feel like you're here to do and be MORE. What could you accomplish if you started to live -- and dream -- bigger? I'll help you find out.

You have a vision, but not a path to get there.

You want to uplevel your career, grow your business, or choose a new life path but you aren't sure how to get from A to B. I'll help you create the future that's aligned with your highest good.

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"Kimberly’s love for what she does as a coach and her desire to help people become all that they were created to be are what make her so excellent at what she does. Her greatest gifts are her warmth and genuineness. Her clients sense her compassion and are willing to share with her in a more connected way."

DC, Office of the President, Northwest Area Foundation

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Master Certified Executive & Leadership Coach

Kimberly Errigo, MA, MCC

Kimberly Errigo is an award-winning coach and trusted adviser to high achievers at Fortune 500 companies around the world. With 20+ years of experience, she is known as an expert in unlocking human and organizational potential. Kimberly has been hosted onsite at Facebook and Apple in Silicon Valley, and her client list includes high-potential individuals from top companies in every sector. She currently serves the US Department of Energy as a senior staff development consultant.  

Kimberly's qualifications include the elite Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, an honor given to the top 1% of coaches in the world; a Master’s degree in Psychology; and two teaching credentials in science. She is a subject matter expert in learning and development, coaching, facilitation, mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, applied neuroscience, and conscious leadership. 

A unique blend of intuition, vision, and practicality, Kimberly is also trained in mind body medicine, the arts, trauma informed care, and multiple forms of meditation practice.

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