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I help high achievers become the most complete and best people they can possibly be. 

I have a track record a mile long of successfully helping leaders create the life of their dreams. My clients were once sitting where you're sitting now: on the hamster wheel, unhappy and unfulfilled, wanting change but unsure how to create it. Now, they're living it ~ expressing greater leadership, running successful businesses, living their authentic purpose, traveling the world, loving their partners like never before.

That new mojo came from clarity of MINDSET, INFLUENCE, and ALIGNMENT. Our work produced the inner shifts that catalyzed their biggest successes. I've been facilitating these shifts since 1998.

If that's what you're looking for, let's talk. 

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"Kimberly’s love for what she does as a coach and her desire to help people become all that they were created to be are what make her so excellent at what she does. Her greatest gifts are her warmth and genuineness. Her clients sense her compassion and are willing to share with her in a more connected way."

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Master Leadership Coach 

Kimberly Errigo, MA, MCC

Kimberly Errigo is an award-winning executive leadership coach and trusted adviser to entrepreneurs and C-level executives at top companies around the world. With 20 years of experience facilitating growth and transformation for high achievers, she excels at unleashing the creative, outside the box brilliance of smart, talented innovators. Kimberly has been hosted onsite at Facebook and Apple in Silicon Valley, and her client list includes high-potential individuals and senior leaders from the Fortune 500, the US Air Force,  and the medical, academic, federal, and legal sectors.

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Kimberly's qualifications include the elite Master Certified Coach credential, an honor given to the top 1% of coaches in the world; a Master’s degree in psychology; and two teaching credentials in science. She is a subject matter expert in learning and development, coaching, transpersonal psychology, applied neuroscience, and conscious leadership. 

A unique blend of intuition, vision, and practicality, Kimberly is also an integrative healer trained in mind body medicine techniques, the expressive arts, trauma informed care, and nondenominational spiritual practice. She volunteers her time as the Founder and Executive Director of California Coaches, a statewide association of professional coaches.