After coming down with a debilitating illness, Luanne, a physician at an urgent care clinic, decided it was time to reexamine her career, her relationships, and her personal goals. She wanted to continue practicing medicine, but didn’t want to further compromise her own health doing it.

Luanne also wanted to have the ability to pay off her student loans, save for retirement, and have enough money saved to handle any emergencies that might pop up. And, of course, she wanted to devote a lot of time to working through and accepting her illness and what the future looked like with it.

The problem was, Luanne wasn’t quite sure what to do career-wise. She knew she still wanted to work in medicine, but in what capacity she wasn’t sure.

We began working together, and I encouraged her to explore the benefits of creating a telemedicine practice and the benefits of teaching medicine at a university. Through this process, Luanne realized telemedicine wasn’t something she was interested in, but the university option might work, and within weeks she had a job offer to develop a residency program at a leading medical school.

Within a month she had signed the offer and began the moving process. This was a time for her to embrace a new role, build financial stability, and build boundaries around her health, time, and availability. 

When Luanne sent me an update on things, she said,

Kimberly is a creative and intuitive coach with a deep presence and a gifted way of quickly honing in on what’s important. She helped me with just the right insight at just the right moment (so many times) during a difficult transition in my life and career. I look forward to the challenges of the future with a new enlightened approach!