A New Paradigm of Touch with Francesca Gentille

In this podcast we’ll explore the new paradigm around touch and intimacy. You’ll learn: 

  • What the current paradigm if intimacy is, and why it doesn’t work
  • The results you could get if you shifted to something different
  • How you can embody the new paradigm in relationship or by yourself

Francesca Gentillé

Francesca Gentillé is an initiated shaman in 4 traditions, clinical sexologist, empowered aging specialist, and relationship counselor. She is the popular internet radio host of Sex: Tantra & Kama Sutra and co-author of the award-winning sex & relationship book “The Marriage of Sex & Spirit.” Francesca is the co-director of the Integrative Arts Institute, and the founder of The Sacred Courtesan School of Feminine Mystique and Power. She is the creator of the village model of Shamanic Soul Coaching – reclaiming the treasures of spirit lost in the dark of trauma.