Smash your Anxiety!

Home Study Coaching Program | For Men and Women

“The SMASH Your Anxiety program has forever changed my perception and the world around me. Kimberly’s tools are highly effective. At the end I stood tall, no longer held back by anxiety and eager to embrace life’s possibilities!” – Angela G

Reclaim your power over your experience

Release what’s keeping you stuck

Return to trust, confidence, and connection

Restore your experience of inner peace

Research-Based | Experiential | Interactive

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re short tempered, annoyed, or curt with the people around you 
  • Your sleep is disrupted, and you only rarely sleep through the night
  • You have zero sex drive 
  • Your brain is going a mile a minute, and sometimes you wish you could just shut it off 

“Kimberly, thanks so much for the SMASH Your Anxiety program! It came at a critical time when I needed to get control of it before I damaged my relationships. This is the first time that I’ve felt I have control over myself, and confidence that I can manage the difficult situations that we all face everyday. Forever grateful to you for empowering me.” – Anonymous

Clear Understanding + Practical Skills 

Let's smash your anxiety!

In this program you will:

  • Understand anxiety through the lenses of neurobiology (your brain) and psychophysiology (the mind-body connection)
  • Learn simple adjustments that you can make in your lifestyle, routines, and mindset to get better results
  • Practice the best evidence-based tools that you can use to reduce your anxiety, fast

There's no question that this program will turn your life around. Let me teach you how to shift your experience and get results!

“I took Kimberly’s SMASH Your Anxiety course and couldn’t be happier with the results.  I am now more armed with tools for minimizing my anxiety than I have ever been. Kimberly’s coaching is gentle and supportive yet enormously impactful.” – Nicky J.

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the SMASH Your Anxiety program was a game changer in my pursuit to both understand anxiety and to develop skills to reduce its hold on my life. I highly recommend this course!” -Traci S.

Certified Integrative Wellness Coach 
Certified Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner 
Energy Healer
Yoga Teacher

My Story

I like helping people heal their anxiety because I know what it's like. I first because aware of mine when I returned from four years in Central and South America to the USA. For two years I had lived in the rainforest of Panama and then for another two, I lived in the Andes of Colombia. When I finally returned to the USA, I landed in Minnesota the day before Thanksgiving and promptly had a breakdown. 

In the years since, I earned a Master’s degree in Psychology and certificates in Mind-Body Medicine, Neuroscience and Brain Health, Women's Brain Health, and Integrative Wellness Coaching. I've done additional training in yoga, breathwork, energy healing, compassion, meditation, and mindfulness. Through those explorations, I made my anxiety into my ally -- which totally shifted how it shows up in my life.

Anxiety sucks, and medication isn't always the answer. There's a lot you can do to help yourself, and it will transform your pain into power. Let me show you how! 

Changed my life

“Knowing you has changed my life. I am forever grateful for your support and wisdom.”


The fastest path possible

” I was astonished at how fast my transformation took place. Kimberly is the most powerful woman I know.”


Increased Mindfulness and Success

“Working with Kimberly helped me develop a deeper understanding of what is involved with increasing mindfulness. Her strategies for building improvement on a daily basis will be part of my life for a long time to come.”

Cheryl J; CEO