You might be missing this.

When you’re on a mission, you’re fueled by your WHY. This is what gets you out of bed every morning, powers you through hard days, and keeps you on track when you might otherwise give up. 

A strong WHY is powerful and compelling. It comes from your soul. 

Working on your WHY gives you fulfillment.

If you aren’t listening to your WHY, something will always feel off. You might be successful, but you won’t feel fulfilled!  

However, it’s VERY EASY to sabotage your WHY by not paying attention to your HOW.

This is a trap that catches many women by surprise. We are willing to pay the price in our self-care, our work-life balance, and our joy and ease thinking that this will HELP us achieve our WHY.  

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

You WILL NOT make the kind of impact you want to have with your WHY if your HOW is running you into the ground. 

It’s an illusion to think that a strong WHY is enough to produce success, joy, or ease. 

If you’re exhausted because you’re grinding to push against entrenched systems and people who don’t want to change, you’re in the trap. 

If you’re both inspired and heartbroken to simultaneously see what’s possible and know you aren’t there yet, you’re in the trap. 

If you’re relying on a huge amount of stamina and belief in what you’re doing to make things happen, you’re in the trap. 

I invite you to embrace a new paradigm: that your WHY and your HOW are equally important. 

Because without focusing on both, you’ll lose something precious to you along the way. 

I teach my Firestarter Women how to catalyze change without the grind. 😉

The outcome and the process. The destination and the journey.

You can have it too. Ease and grace, success and impact. 

Let me show you how.