Are you feeling supported?

So many distractions. But is succeeding in climbing your personal mountain just a matter of willpower? Or is it something else?
Willpower is discipline, focus, and attention to the topic at hand. It implies a strong commitment to achieve whatever the goal may be. It requires decisive rather than evasive action. It also demands that we be able to prioritize and accept things that are beyond our control.
On the other side of the coin is complacency. This includes resignation to the situation and acceptance that it will never be what you want it to be.
To move out of complacency, you need compassion for your struggle ~ including the times you may have failed before. You need courage to believe that you can do it, and to take the first and then the second step. And you need community support to help you stay strong when you feel weak, and remind you how awesome you are.
But beyond all of that and most importantly, you must have your BIG WHY. That’s where your passion and your purpose come together. It is the source of your strength.
Take a look at the things you want to achieve in your life. What’s your Big Why? How can you keep that in front of yourself every day so you remember? And who can help you focus in those inevitable moments when you don’t feel strong and you want to get distracted?
These things together are the key.
It isn’t just about muscling through. And it isn’t just about the love of your Big Why. It’s about supporting yourself so you can bring your gifts to the world. Mindfulness practice is the key.
There will always be moments when you doubt yourself, when you’re tired, and when you lose faith. In those moments of low energy, don’t give up.
Be compassionate to yourself. Reach out for support. Remember your Big Why. And step ahead, with curiosity and courage
The world needs what you’ve got.