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How to Create Wellness When You Don’t Have Time to Make Your Lunch

There your career goes, screaming along an 100 miles an hour. You don't mind the commute because it gives you time to think. You can't remember the last night you had a real date with your spouse. Your vacations involve a laptop. And one day it occurs to you: this is completely unsustainable. You're a hamster [...]

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Uplift and Empower Yourself Through Rhythm™ with Jim Greiner

Listen to internationally renowned percussionist, educator and community drumming pioneer Jim Greiner  as he shares his life-long, worldwide exploration of the power of playing percussion instruments to uplift and empower people and communities. In this podcast you will learn: The role of drums in human history The science of how drumming affects your health [...]

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Style Expression from the Inside Out with Marion Gellatly

It takes more than a vision board to move forward into your dreams — your style and image could be holding you back! Join Certified Image Master Marion Gellatly as we explore how to express our beauty from the inside out. In this podcast you will learn: How your style affects how you are perceived [...]

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Flutes: Ancient and Modern Tools for Transformation with Peter Phippen

Listen in as Grammy Award nominee and four-time Native American Music Award nominee Peter Phippen explores: Where music really comes from The key to deep listening to life How to dance with the unknown Peter Phippen, Flautist Peter Phippen is a Grammy Award Nominee, International Acoustic Music Awards Nominee and [...]

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Food & Spirit: A (Delicious) Path to Wholeness with Chef Jenny Brewer

As a spiritual being having a human experience, do you ever feel like your body is getting in your way of reaching your full spiritual potential? This week’s guest, Nutritionist and Chef Jenny Brewer believes that your body IS the way. In this podcast you will learn: How our relationship to food affects every aspect of [...]

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Managing Your Reputation, In Person and Online, with Lida Citroen

Why does your reputation matter in this competitive environment? Join Lida Citroen, brand expert, and Kimberly as they explore how you influence how you are seen by others. You'll learn: What a personal brand is, and why you need to care about it What you need to do to manage your brand and reputation [...]

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Meditation and Mindfulness with Paige Davis

What do meditation and mindfulness have to do with growing a business? Join Kimberly and Paige Davis, meditation and mindfulness instructor as they explore how these practices may be the key to your success. You’ll learn: What the most current brain science tells us about how and why these practices work Misconceptions about meditation and [...]

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Mastering Your Creativity with the Dada Nabhaniilananda

Creativity is the key to success - but how can you master it so you enjoy the benefits and not the chaos? Join Kimberly as she interviews Dada Nabhaniilananda, expert in creativity and meditation. You'll learn: The challenges inherent in creativity, which is the most desirable quality in leaders today How meditation positively affects the creative [...]

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Case Study: Dramatic Financial Transformation

Katherine had left behind her high-paying corporate career on a journey of self-discovery, and now she was struggling. She was working as a freelancer, and every month found herself going further into debt. She was struggling just to make the minimum payment on her cards, and the work she was doing wasn’t leading her anywhere solid. [...]

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Are You Floating? Or Do You Have Your Feet on the Ground?

I maintain that there are two kinds of people: very expanded, transcended people who need to put their feet on the ground, and very grounded, practical people who need to have a transcended experience. It seems to me that the goal is to become both simultaneously. Floating generally starts when there was trauma prior to the age [...]

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