Awareness, Alignment, Attunement

It’s easy to feel guided, content, and powerful when things work out the way you want. But when plans shift in a way that you never would have anticipated or chosen, it pushes us up to our edges. 

In those moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, you may feel that you’ve lost. In the end, you may feel betrayed, abandoned, and afraid. You may plunge into doubt about your ability to perceive the right action or choose the right relationships. In your darkest moments, you may act like a victim and blame someone else for causing bad things to happen.

Yet, the truth of these moments is not that they are moments of loss. They are moments of opportunity: to deepen in your faith, to mature in your understanding of uncertainty, to refine your communication skills, and to become more authentic and honest about what you want and need.

It requires a deliberate, powerful choice to believe that everything is perfect when you feel uncomfortable, hurt, or afraid. But, just as you can see the quality of a person’s character in the way they deal with conflict, you can see the quality of your own faith, self-discipline, and attunement when you look at how you react to the difficult occurrences in your life. 

True faith comes from an understanding that we are always living a perfect life, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

All of us are manifestations of the universal energy field. We are in this reality, and are creating this reality, together. We come into relationship with others in order to align us more closely with our authentic self. Sometimes that’s easy and sometimes it’s hard.

When there is conflict, the goal is to take responsibility for your part and use it to create more inner strength. You will know when this has happened because you will be able to honestly and clearly thank anyone else who was involved for helping you to become a stronger and more powerful person.

Mindfulness practice engages us in the process of becoming more and more awakened, and increasing our experience of oneness. If you always expect the exact right thing to happen, you can face the future without fear. If you fully understand that anything that is truly in your highest good is also in  alignment for everyone else, you liberate yourself from the guilt and shame that have kept you from honoring your own needs. You will relax in total, glorious surrender. Standing in complete trust, you face life as if it were perfectly designed for your benefit and enjoyment.

A person who is surrendered has light in their face. He or she radiates the profound peace and bliss that only appear when one experiences the deepest truth of reality: that we are never alone, that we are totally and completely supported by All That Is, that the world is a landscape in which we can manifest our deepest creative longings.

Precious few of us are trained to trust this deeply, but you can always retrain yourself by making the conscious choice to do so.

Start with knowing that all is well. Start with expecting that you will always get what you want, or something better. 

Become alive. Become awake.