Are you a high achiever who struggles with stress?

6 Week MindBody Training for Stress Reduction

February 15 - March 25, 2021

By the end of this 6 Week course you will be able to:

Stop second guessing and doubting yourself

Quiet your mental spinning and rumination

Reduce stress-driven coping behaviors 

Feel grounded and centered, even under stress

Resolve your subconscious resistance to change

Move forward with choice rather than reactivity

Increase your productivity, morale, and engagement

Grow your ability to be fully available, open, and present

Is stress blocking you from realizing your potential?

High performance. Long term health. 

Most of us today are living the ultimate balancing act: keeping yourself balanced and healthy, while managing both a high-demand career and family demands. You can't take any of your responsibilities off your plate, and your stress is through the roof.

In situations like this, exhaustion, frustration, and even rage are the norm — leaving you, your career, and your family to suffer as a result. Watching your diet, exercising, and trying to get quality sleep are important steps to take. But as it turns out, those things are only part of the puzzle. 

You need to manage it all - and still stay sane. But what will help?

CALM is my answer to that question. In 6 weeks, I'll teach you how to leverage the mindbody connection to dissolve stress so you can create the best possibility for both high performance and long term health. 

Return yourself to calm and peace of mind.

Build well-being. Achieve your dreams. 

For two decades, I’ve helped transform the lives of individuals existing in a low-grade state of stress. Externally they appeared successful, but inside they knew that they were unhappy.

They – like you – wanted their lives to be different. But busyness, overwhelm, and doubt kept them stuck in a stressful experience. Worse, they couldn’t see what was really wrong – or how to fix it.

And stuck is a painful place to be.

That’s when they knocked on my door. I’m an expert at creating "inner peace breakthroughs" using effective, evidence-based, proven strategies from the fields of integrative wellness, transformational psychology, and leadership development — along with my own “special sauce.” 

I've been an internal corporate resilience and wellbeing coach for some of the most stressed technical teams in Silicon Valley, coached leaders through downsizing and unexpected endings, and provided coaching for FEMA during times of natural disaster. With all my experience, I get results in even the toughest situations. 

CALM is my signature program that brings together the best of the wellness and resilience techniques I've taught for twenty years. I'll guide you through the process of learning what you need to know to restore balance and calm in your head and heart - FAST. 

You'll Receive:

Six Class Sessions: Mondays 12-1:15 Pacific time

Six QA/Coaching Sessions: Thursdays 12-1:15 Pacific time

Workbook with experiential exercises 

Downloadable class recordings 

You don't need to be stuck with stress and anxiety - even if your circumstances don't change.

Kindness and safety

“Our experience with Kimberly was so powerful. My husband and I felt so inspired by not only Kimberly’s knowledge and obvious security with her purpose, but also just an overall kindness and safety that she surrounded us with. Plus, we really had a lot of fun and laughed a lot!!! Who knew that BIG work could be so fun?”

Geri M.; Company Owner

Helped Me Grow Into My Very Best Self

“Kimberly believes in possibilities, imagines wildly, and is solidly grounded. She completely walks her talk. Coaching with her helped me grow into my very best self, beyond my own imaginings.”

Kim, Founder and CEO

On the Road To Success

“When I met Kimberly, I was at my wit’s end. I was having both financial and relationship issues and had little hope or energy to shift my situation. Working with Kimberly gave me compassion, strength, motivation, and greater clarity about what I really wanted. With her coaching and guidance, my business was revived. Now, I’m on the road to success!”

Debra R.; Entrepreneur

Back On Track – For Good

“Kimberly got me to quit doubting and procrastinating and to get on with my destiny. She got me back on track – once and for all!”

Ellis F; CEO Red Oak Publishers

More Optimistic on Every Level

“When I came to you I was doing many of “the right things,” but not making the process I knew I could make. The frustration was intense. Now I feel more optimistic — and supported on every level!”

Founder and Naturopathic Doctor

Angel With A Laser Beam

“I call Kimberly my angel with a laser beam. She was the person who first saw the CEO in me and coached me through my blocks so that I could be that CEO. One hour with Kimberly clears things it would take me months to muddle through on my own. Sometimes years literally unravel in one session. Kimberly, you are truly the secret to my success.”

Danielle S.; CEO


Class sessions will be held live over ZOOM on Mondays. QA / group coaching calls are held on Thursdays. All sessions are held from 12-1:15 Pacific time, from February 15 until March 25. There are 12 sessions in total. 

Yes, all registrants will receive access to recordings of the class sessions. 

Yes! Email me to get the special rate I offer to my current clients.

You may request direst 1-1 coaching in the class QA time! 

Yes. The evidence-based techniques that I share have been demonstrated to help people with trauma, anxiety, and depression. Even so, this is not a clinical program and I am not a clinician. 

I am planning to offer the live program again in the fall of 2021.