Your Catalyst Session. Your breakthrough.

Bring your current challenge, whatever it may be. I’ll help you have a breakthrough, today.

Let’s talk about your next steps. What would give you immediate traction?

  • Understanding how to re-establish balance in your life
  • Learning how you are blocking your own success
  • Revealing what is truly meaningful to you
  • Knowing which choice to make in a high-voltage decision
  • Discovering how you can transform a specific relationship
  • Making an annual plan for your personal life, career development, or business growth

Each of these topics can be meaningfully addressed in an hour’s time.

When you schedule a Catalyst Session, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete that will give me insight into your situation. During your customized 1-1 session, you’ll get invaluable coaching, strategy, and direction. We’ll talk about where you feel stuck. I’ll ask you questions and I’ll listen carefully to your answers. Then, I’ll show you how to get traction in the direction you want to go — fast.

In this session, we’ll explore your situation and how you can get immediate traction toward the results that you most desire. After the session is over, I’ll stay on the line to answer any questions you may have about further work with me.

60 minutes of 100% coaching + session recording + session notes + a reasonable amount of follow-up: $397

You’re so courageous to reach for what you really want. I’m super excited to help you get it.