11 Telltale Signs Of A Toxic Company Culture — And What You Can Do To Start Fixing Things

Published on Forbes, Sep 10, 2018

Your business’s corporate culture is key to its success. Without a strong company culture to support your operations, you could end up facing high employee turnover, declining revenues or a loss in innovation.

So how do you know if your corporate culture is in trouble? For a start, watch for departments or teams working poorly with each other, team members regularly seeking reassurance, or even a general feeling of exhaustion permutating parts of the company. Each is a strong indication there are deeper issues to examine.

11 Personal Development Techniques Busy Executives Can Use

Published on Forbes, Aug 31, 2018

Personal development can help you achieve a solid work-life balance. You learn the tools you need to succeed professionally, while also honing your personal skills that can help with your home life.

Finding the time to spend with friends and family, while also achieving your goals in the office, can help you develop as a leader. You’ll find that with a few personal development skills, you are able to accomplish more, and still have the free time you need to recharge and think.