Style Expression from the Inside Out with Marion Gellatly

It takes more than a vision board to move forward into your dreams — your style and image could be holding you back! Join Certified Image Master Marion Gellatly as we explore how to express our beauty from the inside out. In this podcast you will learn: How your style affects how you are perceived [...]

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Managing Your Reputation, In Person and Online, with Lida Citroen

Why does your reputation matter in this competitive environment? Join Lida Citroen, brand expert, and Kimberly as they explore how you influence how you are seen by others. You'll learn: What a personal brand is, and why you need to care about it What you need to do to manage your brand and reputation [...]

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Moving Beyond Your Family’s Limitations

In the lives of every conscious traveler, there comes a time when you are challenged to step out beyond what has been done in your family lineage before. Although that may not be consciously terrifying, it's often fraught with struggle. Why? We're crashing into our subconscious limitations. For the first seven years of life, we swim in the [...]

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If You Don’t Have the Money You Need to Do the Things You Want to Do, This Is for You.

Some people struggle with money. Others don't. If having enough money isn't your issue, go ahead and stop reading now. But if you still need to have your money breakthrough, keep reading. For each person, a "money issue" shows up in a unique way. Maybe you don't think you're ready to be in a relationship because [...]

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Becoming “The Little Engine that Could”

So many distractions. But is succeeding in climbing your personal mountain just a matter of willpower? Or is it something else? Willpower is discipline, focus, and attention to the topic at hand. It implies a strong commitment to achieve whatever the goal may be. It requires decisive rather than evasive action. It also demands that we be able [...]

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It’s a silver pockets month. What now?

This August is a "silver pockets full" month according to the Chinese. This means that August will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This configuration of days is supposed to be particularly auspicious in terms of creating abundance. I invite you to think about what it would mean to you to have your “silver pockets full”. But if [...]

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Goalsetting 101

Random news from the week: a baby king snake with two heads was discovered by a north-central Tennessee man as he was spraying weeds around his house. For a snake, having two heads makes mobility and feeding almost impossible.  When your energy and attention are going in two different directions disorder and chaos are the [...]

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The Struggle to Surrender

Spiritual teachers tell us that you should trust, follow your heart, and surrender to the plan that is bigger than you are. The spiritual journey begins with turning away from the ego candy of willful desire and deliberately choosing to turn your attention inwards. You recalibrate yourself to following your guidance and intuition. You place [...]

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