Results, Root Fears, and Rest

Published by Lucy Curran, December 7, 2018

My business coach, Kimberly Errigo (who is amazing, by the way. You can check out her website here), often reminds me to slow down and get really clear on what I am attempting to create before I begin working. As someone who has prided herself on, (No. Scratch that. Defined herself by), her strong work ethic, this slowing down part can feel extremely challenging. (No. Scratch that. It can feel terrifying.) 

It’s not just about Telling your Story, it’s about Who you Become as you Prepare

Published on Medium, February 28, 2016

You’ve probably heard about the importance of storytelling for engaging and being relatable to listeners. In the world of marketing, storytelling is the popular kid right now — he’s got the attention of all the cheerleaders, and for good reason.

However… here’s the big misunderstanding: That it’s only about the story as a finished product.

In other words, I believe it’s a mistake to think, “I just need to figure out my story and get it out there so that X, Y, and Z will happen” and pursue this goal only with the end in mind.

You’re a MOM?

Published by Elena Lipson, April 16, 2014

Recently I had a few business  conversations where I’ve mentioned some cute something or other about my son and the response was, “I didn’t know you were a mama!”

Wow! Really?? I had to pause and take stock of that response. My highest mission in my work is to embody my brand and stand in integrity to the highest level possible … and when I’m off track to share my journey about that part as well. Here I was teaching a client about the importance of “owning her niche” and she didn’t even know that I was a mama.

Can’t settle on a career? Struggling to find your purpose? Experts are here to help

Published in the LaCrosse Tribune, Sep 18, 2006

Laura Findlay of La Crosse fantasizes about her future — all 20 versions of it.

Will she become a therapist for children and adolescents? Could she make a living selling handmade jewelry? How about photography? Scrapbooking? Should she join the Peace Corps?

Her mind seems coated with Teflon. Nothing sticks.

“I’ve had no idea what I wanted to do pretty much my entire life, ever since my dream of being the first woman in the NFL passed,” the 22-year-old said. “I know what I like. I just don’t know how to combine it all into one job.”