How to Create Wellness When You Don’t Have Time to Make Your Lunch

There your career goes, screaming along an 100 miles an hour. You don't mind the commute because it gives you time to think. You can't remember the last night you had a real date with your spouse. Your vacations involve a laptop. And one day it occurs to you: this is completely unsustainable. You're a hamster [...]

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Style Expression from the Inside Out with Marion Gellatly

It takes more than a vision board to move forward into your dreams — your style and image could be holding you back! Join Certified Image Master Marion Gellatly as we explore how to express our beauty from the inside out. In this podcast you will learn: How your style affects how you are perceived [...]

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Food & Spirit: A (Delicious) Path to Wholeness with Chef Jenny Brewer

As a spiritual being having a human experience, do you ever feel like your body is getting in your way of reaching your full spiritual potential? This week’s guest, Nutritionist and Chef Jenny Brewer believes that your body IS the way. In this podcast you will learn: How our relationship to food affects every aspect of [...]

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The Truth About Worry

Worry, anxiety, fear, and apprehension are all words for the same phenomena: the internal separation from trust. Unfortunately, you can't talk yourself out of these emotions. There's only one way back to wholeness, and talking isn't it. To clarify: what is wholeness? The knowing that the Universe has your highest good in store for you. Worry is [...]

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