Private Coaching: The Fastest Path to Success

Effective January 1, 2019, my private coaching rates will be increasing. Start coaching today!

1-1 coaching is appropriate for those clients who want private, focused, individualized support. You might have a complex situation with many competing life issues that need attention, a complicated schedule, or simply want the fastest path to success.

The ideal coaching client is no longer willing to tolerate less than the full expression of their personal genius. They are committed to rewriting any remaining stories about their limitations. They have an open mind and are ready to see themselves in a whole new light.

Your life-changing conversations with me will reveal what’s hidden, catalyze profound personal shifts in every layer of your being, and provide the foundation for the biggest expression of who you are.

Kindness and safety

“Our experience with Kimberly was so powerful. My husband and I felt so inspired by not only Kimberly’s knowledge and obvious security with her purpose, but also just an overall kindness and safety that she surrounded us with. Plus, we really had a lot of fun and laughed a lot!!! Who knew that BIG work could be so fun?”

Company Owner

Prepared me for greatness

“You are perhaps the most life-changing and soul-warming human I’ve ever been blessed to know. You have saved me, prepared me, and continue to love me, unconditionally. You are magical, amazing, and define the essence of light and beauty. I love you.”


Angel with a laser beam

“I call you my “angel with a laser beam”. You were the one who first saw the CEO in me and then coached me through my blocks to being it. One hour with you clears things it would take me months to muddle through on my own. Sometimes, years literally unravel in one session. You are truly the secret to my success.”


Never been seen like you see me

“I have never had so many transformations so quickly. Huge breakthroughs, and awesome homework, and simply amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the way you see me. ”


Constantly light my fire

“I’ve not ever before experienced a person with the depth, wisdom, integrity, practicality, and equanimity you have. You constantly inspire me with exactly the right words to light my fire in reaching for the next step — and you totally meet me in the depth of some really rough stuff!”


Helped me grow into my very best self

“Kimberly believes in possibilities, imagines wildly, and is solidly grounded. She completely walks her talk. Coaching with her helped me grow into my very best self, beyond my own imaginings.”



I offer standard coaching packages which include:

  • Ten private sessions
  • Session recordings and notes
  • Unlimited text/chat
  • A complimentary Welcome Session
  • 2 gift certificates for Catalyst Sessions, which you can share with your friends and colleagues
  • Access to all of my online courses


  • $2,700.00 (ten 60 minute sessions)
  • $1,350 (ten 30 minute sessions)

Listening better than I listened to myself

“Initially, Kimberly was listening better to me than I could listen to myself. She helped me to feel more hopeful, more empowered, and more willing to take smart risks in my life.”


Profound sensitivity

“Although many other therapists followed me down the lane of my ego-based reasoning, your profound sensitivity brought forth the truth of my spirit. You are able to pinpoint elegantly and creatively the issues I haven’t seen. I have tremendously improved my business and myself from working with you!”

Executive Coach

A tremendous asset

“Kimberly is a tremendous asset and has my highest recommendation!”


Recommended without reservation

“I recommend Kimberly without reservation. She helped me during a most painful and frightening time in my life and I cannot imagine anyone having to struggle without her help. Her ability to unravel pain so I could find security and confidence is unparalleled!”


Finally found what I need

“After spending years and countless hours on a ‘couch’ talking to traditional therapists, I have finally found what I need working with Kimberly. I consider having access to her a true privilege. There’s just no one like Kimberly!”

Management Recruiter

A new enlightened approach

“Kimberly is a creative and intuitive coach with deep presence and a gifted way of quickly honing in on what’s important. She helped me with just the right insight at just the right moment (so many times) during a difficult transition in my life and career. I look forward to the challenges of the future with a new enlightened approach!”

Medical Director