In order to provide the best support, I work 1-1 with only a small number of executive coaching clients. Apply today!

1-1 Executive Coaching

1-1 monthly coaching is best for leaders who seek a partner in their journey of development. In your 1-1 sessions, I’ll show you what you aren’t seeing so you can make changes to get better results. I’ll help you create alignment between what you say, what you do, and what you believe. That alignment will open up an entirely new field of possibilities.

VIP Days

Best for leaders in transition, VIP Days are a smart investment whether your transition is in your personal life, relationship, business, or career. We'll spend the day together at a gorgeous location, and you'll go home with the VISION, MINDSET, SKILLS, and STRATEGY you need to make the change with ease and grace.

Extreme Life Coaching

This development experience is ideal for conscious, go-getting, change-driven individuals who are depressed, addicted, anxious, or curious about their greatest potential. This 6 month program will demonstrate ROI for you personally and professionally for many years to come.

Transformed forever

“I will remember these days forever. You have helped me reach higher than I thought I could hope to even see.”

Allegra W.
Musician & Producer

Can’t thank you enough

“I know there are ways that I’m blocking my own success, so having you look at it objectively has really been helpful. I may not like it but it makes me see what I’m doing without realizing it. Can’t thank you enough for that!”


The best listener

“You are, beyond a doubt, the best listener I have EVER met.”

Dennis T
Help Desk

Fast clarity

“Kimberly untangled one of my life’s biggest decisions in less than 40 minutes. I highly recommend her work to anyone searching for clarity!!”


Listening better than I listened to myself

“Initially, Kimberly was listening better to me than I could listen to myself. She helped me to feel more hopeful, more empowered, and more willing to take smart risks in my life.”

Joseph D

Sense of inner peace

“Transitioning professionally, you helped me better articulate and refine what it was that I needed from a career. You also gave me a sense of inner peace that helps me stay more present on a daily basis.”

Camille B
Marketing Professional