Powerful Conversations

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Conversations are the key to success.

In the business world, success occurs through healthy conversations. You can't produce inspired results without them.

Conversational Intelligence was identified as one of the top 5 business trends of 2016, and continues to inform development efforts at some of the biggest companies in the world today. Additionally, our conversations shape the brain and the way we interpret reality. But, there are predictable reasons why successful conversations break down. With awareness of what goes wrong and through learning new skills, we can improve the quality of conversations both for ourselves and for our teams.

You will: 

  • Understand the relationship between conversational practices, inclusion and diversity, and the development of connection, innovation, and creativity
  • Identify the hidden and visible elements of successful conversations, as well as how and why conversations break down
  • Increase the use of advanced conversational practices, such as improving the quality of questions asked and reducing the impact of individual blind spots

Your end result? Increased capacity for innovation, engagement, and collaboration!

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“You are, beyond a doubt, the best listener I have EVER met.”

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“My work with Kimberly has been a huge benefit to me in my personal and professional life. I am so grateful for everything I learned with you!”


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