Dancing with Reality

You ask for it, and it shows up. A parking spot right in front of the store. Socks that exactly match the shirt you adore. A new job opportunity. A new home, right when you need it. 

In times like these it is difficult to maintain the illusion that we are separate, isolated personalities floating along in a random universe, fighting for ourselves. It looks like something is listening to us and responding to our requests. It’s almost as if this life and this universe were … interactive.

Those moments are like windows which illuminate the gap between worlds. If we peer through them, we discover that there is a lot going on under the surface of what we notice in our everyday lives. What we find there is more real than any of our circumstances. 

The daily lives we live are real, too, but they have a different quality of real-ness than the underlying field of intelligence which we can perceive in the gap. The details of our lives are ephemeral. The field of intelligence underneath it is not.

When you take the time to notice this field of intelligence ~ to sit in it, observe it, and play with it ~ you realize that most of us have a limited view of ourselves. We think we are a collection of thoughts and feelings, bones and cells.  This limited view makes us spend our lives chasing after external things like money, a loving spouse, prestige and status, or achievement. There’s nothing wrong with those externals. They are built out of that field of intelligence, as are we. But they are also just externals.

When we get a more expanded glimpse of ourselves, we start to see that we are energy that can be neither created nor destroyed. We are an embodied manifestation of that field of intelligence, and so is everyone else. We begin to see behaviors that feel bad as distortions of our true nature. The desire to bring compassion to suffering is the natural result.

In my experience, it’s rare to find someone who deeply understands this truth because they “chose” to grow. More frequently, our awareness of this field of intelligence opens when life falls apart. What’s important is the awakening. The truth of who we are was there all along. We could have seen it without a crash. We could have seen it without pain and suffering. We could have seen it, if we had only known where to look.

Looking for it is like a fish looking for water. Like the best tricks, the answer is hidden in plain view.

Unlike an organ that can be removed, life force permeates your entire being. It fills each cell. It informs each hair on your head. It drives your breath and your heartbeat, every motion and every thought. When you open your mouth to sing, it is what comes out.

The question is never IF it is there. It leaves the body at death. If you’re alive, it’s there.

The question is if you NOTICE. If you understand the water you are swimming in. If you are aware of the universal intelligence that fills you. This is the part of you that is abundant, grateful, loving, patient, and kind.

You don’t have to try to become those things. You ARE those things. They aren’t “out there”. They are “in here”.  

Nothing you could do, and no one on the planet, can take that away from you. If you feel that those qualities aren’t being brought into the world through you, then you have only forgotten.

If that’s the case, all is not lost. Pay attention so crisis isn’t necessary to wake you up again. Develop a deep mindfulness practice so you can return to the perfection you are and remember what is true. Some days will be easy, and some days won’t. That’s normal. Be patient with yourself. All circumstances are fleeting, and shall pass.

You may forget what is true again. Just remember how to find your way home.

To your success,