Grow your Ability to always know which way to go.

6 Month Intuitive Development Program for Women Leaders

Enrollment Opens March 1, 2022
Starts April 11, 2022

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In ELEVATE, you'll join a community of women who are growing their:

Energetic Alignment

Become more aware of your energy - and more able to leverage it for greater understanding and achievement.

Clarity & Insight

Hone your powers of discernment to make more accurate, fast decisions in dynamic environments.

Transpersonal Connection

Tune in to the intelligence that informs the human experience and shake up your limiting narratives.

Creativity & Engagement

Feel more connected to your purpose, and learn to solve problems in more satisfying and creative ways.​

We are in the Age of Intuition.

The Art and Science of Radical Knowing

It has been said that at the current moment in human history, we are ending the Information Age and are entering the Intuition Age. As the world becomes increasingly complex, intuition is becoming even more important. Clear vision and insight matter more now than they ever have.

The study of intuition is now an emerging field in psychology because of the potential it holds for improving human performance. I actually wrote my master’s thesis about it. Research about the use of intuition in business tells us that CEO’s who use their intuition also have the highest profits, and that leaders at all levels use their intuition even though they don’t discuss it.

It’s like a secret weapon that no one talks about.

My goal as a coach is not to change your mind or your habits. I’ll help you tune into yourself and silence all of the noise that prevents you from hearing and acting on your intuition … so what you REALLY want can unfold with effortless grace.

Let's leverage your inner game for big success.

Soul Engagement  | Deep Understanding

Intuition provides access to information that cannot be acquired through other means. Your intuition can put you in the right place at the right time for incredible synchronicity to happen. But if you aren’t using it consistently or accurately, I can help. 

Most of us would agree that we use unconscious information in our body or brain to help guide us through life. We rely on this information to make better and faster decisions, and feel more confident in the decisions we ultimately make. However, most of us would also agree that there have been times when our unconscious information proved to be entirely incorrect. This is a problem that can be fixed.

Intuition is what makes either excellent or costly decisions. Learning how to access and interpret it consistently and accurately can prevent costly mistakes in both personal and professional contexts.

Your intuition is a superpower.

Connection | Balance | Attunement

Intuitive people have special challenges that we don't often talk about -- like self-doubt, rumination, the incessant drive to understand, not knowing if what you feel is yours or someone else's, and burnout from taking care of others. Highly intuitive people are prone to anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Many shut down their emotions and retreat inwards.

Intuitive development can help you attune to your intuition if you're shut down, or balance it if you're already in tune. It requires unlearning what we have learned and well as learning specific skills. This process includes some unique challenges and demands a specialized approach.

Your intuition is a superpower. And only someone who understands it can help you leverage it. 

That’s what I do.

Your intuition will help you step into who you can become.

More Optimistic on Every Level

“When I came to you I was doing many of “the right things,” but not making the process I knew I could make. The frustration was intense. Now I feel more optimistic — and supported on every level!”

Founder and Naturopathic Doctor

Kindness and safety

“Our experience with Kimberly was so powerful. My husband and I felt so inspired by not only Kimberly’s knowledge and obvious security with her purpose, but also just an overall kindness and safety that she surrounded us with. Plus, we really had a lot of fun and laughed a lot!!! Who knew that BIG work could be so fun?”

Geri M.; Company Owner

Helped Me Grow Into My Very Best Self

“Kimberly believes in possibilities, imagines wildly, and is solidly grounded. She completely walks her talk. Coaching with her helped me grow into my very best self, beyond my own imaginings.”

Kim, Founder and CEO

Angel With A Laser Beam

“I call Kimberly my angel with a laser beam. She was the person who first saw the CEO in me and coached me through my blocks so that I could be that CEO. One hour with Kimberly clears things it would take me months to muddle through on my own. Sometimes years literally unravel in one session. Kimberly, you are truly the secret to my success.”

Danielle S.; CEO

On the Road To Success

“When I met Kimberly, I was at my wit’s end. I was having both financial and relationship issues and had little hope or energy to shift my situation. Working with Kimberly gave me compassion, strength, motivation, and greater clarity about what I really wanted. With her coaching and guidance, my business was revived. Now, I’m on the road to success!”

Debra R.; Entrepreneur

Back On Track – For Good

“Kimberly got me to quit doubting and procrastinating and to get on with my destiny. She got me back on track – once and for all!”

Ellis F; CEO Red Oak Publishers