Samantha, the Director of Usability for an information technology company, was thrilled with her career. She led user interface design, partnered with different departments to solve web design challenges, and introduced usability methodologies and testing.

The problem was that as much as Samantha loved her work, she was getting married and with that came leaving her job and moving to a different state. And that’s what scared her – the moving, not the getting married part.

She was sure about the marriage, her problem was the process of change she was going through personally. It was difficult for her to leave her job without another one waiting, and difficult to move so far from everything she knew.

To support Samantha through the changes that were happening, I became an extra voice in the room and made sure that the changes and experience were as positive and as good as they could be. 

“Since working with Kimberly, I’ve gotten married and successfully moved, and I’ve become a Senior UX consultant to some of the top companies in Ohio, while teaching graduate level courses in User and Task Analysis, and Advanced Information Architecture. Kimberly’s calm, level-headed approach, helped me lean into this new experience and embrace it.”