Take a stand for our collective future.

12 Month Leadership Development Program for ChangeMakers

Opens for enrollment on May 1, 2021

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In Firestarter, you'll join a community of dedicated people as you ...

Develop Vision & Alignment

You'll find your authentic lane, get clear about where you're going, and step into a new, powerful way of serving the world.

Master the Inner Game

I'll help you clear any internal obstacles that could block you from fully manifesting your vision.

Create & Implement a Plan

As a trusted adviser skilled in business and project development, I'll walk with you every step of the way.

Connect with Others

To fully embody the new paradigm, leaders need to foster change through collaboration. That starts with you.

Become a transformational force.

Leadership Coaching For Systems Change

We are collectively in a difficult time. There's never been a more urgent need to leverage your talents in service to saving the planet. The cultural and structural changes required to achieve that goal can only be generated by conscious leaders who are dedicated to using their power, influence, and privilege to change the context in which all individuals live.

Our planetary elders have said repeatedly that according to prophecy, now is the time for us to awaken to new levels of potential and power. By awakening, we will be able to realize the dreams we hold close to our hearts and create lives of peace, joy, and harmony with all of life.

Change is often simple, but not easy. The problem comes when we try to solve a problem with the same mindset we used to create it. Only a shift in perception – an expansion of consciousness — will help us move in a new direction. But without objective guidance and support, transformative change can be nearly impossible to do alone.

The future is collaborative, conscious, empathetic, and awake. Deeper authenticity with the heart and spirit is core to developing the path.
We are being called to apply our collective genius to break down impasses and reveal new paradigms.


An awakened planet starts with you.

You’re on a mission to become the best version of yourself — and to change the world. You understand that anything you might do on the individual, personal level in your own home isn’t going to be enough. As a visionary leader, you want other equally visionary individuals in your corner to help you see what you can't see. 

You’re aware that there are significant planetary changes coming that will impact every species on Earth — including ours. You believe that humans have a moral and ethical obligation to be the source of the solutions, and you’re willing to work for that. You're committed to facilitating necessary changes before it’s too late.

And you're ready. With the proper support, every person can create an impact that makes the world a better place. But it's not enough to see a need or want to contribute. In my experience, leaders must have already achieved a high level of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual mastery in order to leave a positive and sustainable legacy. You must have already assured your own needs are met and that you are serving from a place of inner strength and abundance. Without this, your efforts will not grow to the level that is needed.

Let's shape the future and evolve the generations to come.

Back On Track – For Good

“Kimberly got me to quit doubting and procrastinating and to get on with my destiny. She got me back on track – once and for all!”

Ellis F; CEO Red Oak Publishers

More Optimistic on Every Level

“When I came to you I was doing many of “the right things,” but not making the process I knew I could make. The frustration was intense. Now I feel more optimistic — and supported on every level!”

Founder and Naturopathic Doctor

Helped Me Grow Into My Very Best Self

“Kimberly believes in possibilities, imagines wildly, and is solidly grounded. She completely walks her talk. Coaching with her helped me grow into my very best self, beyond my own imaginings.”

Kim, Founder and CEO

Kindness and safety

“Our experience with Kimberly was so powerful. My husband and I felt so inspired by not only Kimberly’s knowledge and obvious security with her purpose, but also just an overall kindness and safety that she surrounded us with. Plus, we really had a lot of fun and laughed a lot!!! Who knew that BIG work could be so fun?”

Geri M.; Company Owner

On the Road To Success

“When I met Kimberly, I was at my wit’s end. I was having both financial and relationship issues and had little hope or energy to shift my situation. Working with Kimberly gave me compassion, strength, motivation, and greater clarity about what I really wanted. With her coaching and guidance, my business was revived. Now, I’m on the road to success!”

Debra R.; Entrepreneur

Angel With A Laser Beam

“I call Kimberly my angel with a laser beam. She was the person who first saw the CEO in me and coached me through my blocks so that I could be that CEO. One hour with Kimberly clears things it would take me months to muddle through on my own. Sometimes years literally unravel in one session. Kimberly, you are truly the secret to my success.”

Danielle S.; CEO