Follow your heart? Not so fast.

The heart’s wisdom is legendary to poets, mystics, musicians, and artists throughout human history. The intellect is revered equally by scientists, mathematicians, intellectuals, analysts, and nearly everyone in the Western world.

Closing the distance between the head and the heart is the journey of a lifetime.

And why do this work? The only sustainable approach towards life is a holistic one. In the microcosm of one’s personhood, just as it is on the planet as a whole, everything is connected. You are mind, body, and spirit. If we try to leave one part out, the results can be disastrous.

If you’ve ever followed your heart to find out that your head was not coming along ~ or the opposite ~ you know how painful it can be. The separation between these two essential parts of you will eventually get in the way.

In my experience, most of us experienced a shift out of our perfect alignment and therefore must find our way back to it.

It’s actually our work to create alignment or congruence between the head and the heart.

Stress, chaos, and drama — or a solid mindfulness practice — will show you where your alignment could be better. This is an invitation not to have a stiff upper lip, but to invite change so you can return to congruence.

Imagine for a moment that your mind and heart are equally important. What would you do then?

It takes courage to prioritize your own congruence and alignment. But if you don’t, who will?