The Gifts of Your Ancestors

Power is hereditary, and so is the loss of power. Research shows that trauma is passed from one generation to another unless it is consciously addressed. That doesn’t just happen with trauma. It also occurs with the unreconciled stories of your life. You carry the spiritual and emotional inheritance of your parent’s unresolved issues until you make the conscious choice to put it down.

Just like clutter in the garage that you get after an ancestor dies, there are layers of spiritual inheritance that include the knowledge acquired through personal transformation as well as the unresolved issues that were not brought to resolution… energies you want and energies you don’t. To find them, look at where your regrets lie. Examine how you fall short of the conscious life you want to be living. These are the areas where you need to make amends, forgive the past, and become your best self.

This is a maverick move that demands a certain kind of courage. It is new, different, and threatening to the status quo. Those who are accustomed or complacent will not like this at all.

Yet in the maverick’s choice for freedom is also a profound act of love. Fearlessly refusing to pass on the wounds of one’s ancestors creates an entirely different set of future possibilities for everyone.

Like phoenix from the ashes, the family lineage is reborn. You reclaim your own essential innocence and natural power. And in the process, your children and your children’s children become free.

Your energy field is the sea in which your children are swimming. Like a fish in water, they don’t even know they are in it. They just absorb the energies that are present. Since this isn’t a conscious choice on their part, you can’t stop it from occurring ~ even if there are energies present that you don’t want them to get.

The only way to make sure that the energies you give to your children are truly supportive of them freely living their own lives, not reliving yours, is to do your own inner work. Nothing else can stop the tide of a child whose spirit demands that he work out the inner questions that you did not.

We carry in our bodies the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain, and grief of our ancestors. This is why we see patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, poor health and many other traits passed down through generations. Oftentimes we are unconscious of how the energy of old family wounds informs how we think and act in everyday life. These stories form energetic imprints. To heal, the ancestral pattern pattern needs to be cleared so it ceases to inform our behavior or health.

My challenge to you this week is to explore what you have inherited that may be holding you back. Release the negative inheritance as a story you’ve been telling yourself. Appreciate it as a source of personal growth while recognizing that it was not your work to do. Give yourself the gift of an unobstructed path.

To your success,