Giving back is one of my core values.

I have been very fortunate in my life, and I have always believed that fortune is accompanied by the responsibility to lift up those who have not had the same experience. I was raised by people who also modeled this belief. 

In addition to being fortunate, I have also experienced a lot of struggle. Those struggles have grounded my desire to help others in a well of deep compassion rather than guilt because of my privilege. 

Some of the many ways I’ve given back include:

  • Chairing a task force that worked to create sustainable change in the political climate of Minnesota
  • Serving in the United States Peace Corps for two years
  • Housing a homeless youth until he could access foster care 
  • Training as a hospice volunteer, and sitting with the dying and their families
  • Offering my time to local nonprofits as a board member
  • Starting a nonprofit which provides personal and professional support to coaches in California 

It is my general practice to donate 10% of my annual profits to organizations working towards environmental conservation, social justice, or gender equality.