Inspired Woman Podcast featuring Kimberly Errigo, MCC

Listen in as Kimberly talks about her journey, the nodes of personal development along one’s life path, what success really is, and the challenges of the path of service.

The Inspired Woman Podcast is intended for busy working women, with children, who want to be successful in a way that feels good, make a bigger impact with their work, and enjoy their own unique balance between work and home.

Kimberly Errigo, MCC

Kimberly Errigo, MCC, is a Master Certified Coach and CEO of Genius Life Group. She has been a trusted advisor to high achievers for almost 20 years. A former educator with two teaching credentials in science and a Master’s degree in Psychology, Kimberly is a free-spirited, rare combination of savvy business smarts, artistic sensibility, intuition, practicality, and entrepreneurial drive.