Intuition, or Fear?

Have you ever felt resistance to something – and then wondered if your “no” was from intuition or from fear? When you get to a certain place in your personal development, this becomes the million dollar question. 

Fear makes you less likely to get curious, more reactive, and more resistant to change. It takes a crane to get people moving when they’re stuck in fear. Their inertia makes them essentially stationary ~ and likely to remain so unless something dramatic happens to change that. (It isn’t usually as nice as a lightning bolt of awareness.)

If your response is from intuition, you’ll push back just against the things that derail you from your dreams. You’ll approach the circumstances and people that appear in your life with a sense of nonjudgmental curiosity that helps you see what’s true. 

As you practice mindfulness and embodiment, you’ll become able to more quickly discern whether fear or intuition is driving. You’ll also get better at discerning whether something is a step towards your dreams or an invitation to pull away from them. 

To clarify this for yourself, ask yourself these questions: are you in motion towards your dreams, or are you stuck in inertia? Is fear or intuition driving? And what will it take to break through your resistance and get some traction toward the future you want to have? 

To your success,