Steve and I met at a time when he was very unhappy with his job and with how he was being treated by upper management. He and his wife had four children at home, so quitting and looking for a better role wasn’t something he could do.

The first thing I coached him through was stabilizing his emotions, and then we moved into leadership coaching with an emphasis on communication. This approach allowed Steve to figure out how to make the situation he found himself in at work more functional. From there, we worked to get him out of there and into something better.

Another element of the work we did was minimize his stress in the office and at home. Steve and his family lived 30 miles from town, which meant that he spent a lot of time traveling from home to the office and then back again. The drive was stressful and the amount of time he spent in his car was frustrating. 

Through our work together, Steve realized that he and his family needed to be closer to town so that there was less stress on them and so that they had more time to spend together. So they moved into town—within walking distance of most places—and it gave them the space and support they needed to grow and thrive as a family.

I 100% recommend Kimberly to anyone who is looking for a kick-start to their life or career. Kimberly is extremely caring and intuitive—plus she knows when to put the fire under you to get you motivated. Coaching with her was invaluable and well worth the money!”