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As a former educator and
certified coach, I’m an expert in
developing human potential.

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Born in Minnesota, I began my career in environmental education. Teaching took me into the Peace Corps in Panama, where I trained teachers on the national level. One day in the rainforest, I realized if we want to save that incredible ecosystem, we can’t just make rules about what to do and not do. Instead, we must shift our understanding of the role humans play in the greater circle of life. This was the beginning of my journey to becoming a coach.

Now, I specialize in helping successful people who are still not fully happy close the gap between their inner and outer experiences.

They – like you – wanted their lives to be different. Although they appeared successful, something was missing. They wanted more than existing in a low-grade state of unhappiness. But busyness, overwhelm, and doubt kept them stuck. Worse, they couldn’t see what was really wrong – or how to fix it.

And stuck is a painful place to be.

That’s when they knocked on my door. For two decades, I’ve helped my clients create breakthroughs using effective, proven strategies from the fields of integrative wellness, transformational psychology, and leadership development — along with my own “special sauce.” Some of that “sauce” comes from more than twenty years of intensive in-person training with indigenous shamans in North, Central, and South America. In the process I nearly died in a river in Alaska and was initiated into the shamanic energy medicine practices of the Americas, the Andes, and the Amazon.

It hasn’t been boring.

Much of my adult life has been spent stretching my understanding about human consciousness. I’ve experimented with entheogenic plants, deeply explored yoga and meditation, become a drummer, and practiced Tantra. In the process I developed an experiential and conceptual understanding of ourselves as extrusions from the Unified Field of consciousness. That’s what I’ve been teaching my clients and students for nearly 20 years.

Although I was a scientist, I became a mystic. In bridging worlds that don’t normally go together, I discovered transcended awareness and the true essence of existence. This perspective helps me get results in even the toughest situations. I’m a trusted partner and powerful ally in the transformational space.

I started my coaching business as a single mom, working only while my son was in school. It gave me the flexibility and autonomy I needed to be both the nurturer and the provider. When he was in the 8th grade I took him on a year long sabbatical to Latin America, where I could be found coaching from the deck of a sailboat floating in the Caribbean. At a certain point I got tired of winter and moved us to California, where I enjoy making music, doing yoga, and walking on the beach.


Continually changing for the better

“Thank you for the great work you have been doing … I find my life continually is changing for the better ever since I started working with you. My ideal life is coming together nicely, and you made it possible!”


Truly an inspiration

“From the beginning, I was immediately impressed with Kimberly’s presence. She commands conscious and genuine communication in even the most mundane interactions. Kimberly is truly an inspiration.”


School Director

One of the best things I’ve ever done

“When I met Kimberly, I was entirely crushed by the burden of corporate burn-out. Working with her was one of the most beneficial efforts I’ve ever made for my well-being, course correction, and guidance towards success. Highly recommended!”

Roxy C

Can’t thank you enough

“I know there are ways that I’m blocking my own success, so having you look at it objectively has really been helpful. I may not like it but it makes me see what I’m doing without realizing it. Can’t thank you enough for that!”


Powerful coaching groups

“Kimberly’s knowledge and intuition brought our coaching group together and helped us to support each other. This program is a powerful help for me!”

Intimacy Coach

A huge benefit to me

“My involvement with this group has been a huge benefit to me in my personal and professional life. I am so grateful for everything I learned with you!”

Wellness Coach