Master Certified Coach | Mindfulness Mentor

Hi, I'm Kimberly! 

If you’re an entrepreneur or high achiever who’s looking for optimal performance, it’s great we’re meeting! I’ve served as coach and mentor in that space for more than 25 years. 

As your coach, my role is to facilitate the personal growth and self-actualization that are available to you. Like any coach, I motivate, inspire, design challenges, encourage, and foster greatness in my clients. But among coaches, because of my training and experience, I’m unusually perceptive. My coaching style is based on evidence-based science along with the deep presence that comes from 25 years of mindfulness practice. Even if you’ve worked with many coaches and haven’t yet found someone who helped you produce the results you want, I assure you that I can help.

There are fewer than 450 Master Certified Coaches in the United States. I’m one of them. 

If you’re looking for the best, you’re in the right place. 

The Master Coach Credential is an honor given to only 4% of ICF coaches – roughly the top 1% of coaches in the world. I’ve been doing this work a long time. I’m told that my clients appreciate my compassion, integrity, and no-BS approach.

My client list includes people from every corner of the diversity map. You can count on me for expertise in the field; I maintain deep, strategic knowledge of the current coaching landscape and am recognized as an authority and thought leader. See my training and credentials here. 

World Traveler, Artist, Musician, & Intuitive

With more than 25 years of experience, I'm an expert in unlocking human potential.

Growing up in Minnesota, I didn’t have any idea what my genius was or that I should be looking for it. I was coasting, vaguely dissatisfied, and not even asking myself the right questions.

After I graduated from college, I joined the Peace Corps. For two years, I lived in the rainforest with no electricity and only cold running water. No Internet. Six weeks between a letter home and a return letter. Lots of time to listen.

In addition to gathering a team and producing the curriculum for training teachers nationwide, I learned how to salsa and started to practice mindfulness and meditation. I also started traveling to spend time with the tribes deep in the rainforest. On one of those trips I had a vision and an epiphany about who I was — and who I could become.

The rainforest was more than just where I learned to meditate. It revealed my genius and put me on the path to becoming a coach.

Are you Ready for Growth & Transformation?

You don't have to go to the rainforest to find change.

I’ve lived a somewhat unconventional life. I’ve been a nomadic artist living in the Andes, nearly died in a rafting accident in the wilderness of Alaska, and walked to the hospital when I was in labor. I raised my son single-handedly and took him on a year-long walkabout in Central America when he was a teenager. I once moved across the country to a town I’d never visited and where I knew no one. I’ve traveled from Mexico to Bolivia with a few exceptions. Salsa dancing is my favorite hobby. People call me compassionate, loving, intuitive, and wise. Someone once told me that this song was written for me. I stumbled onto the path of entrepreneurship when I was 27. 

It hasn’t been boring.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned from all my travels, it’s that you don’t have to go anywhere to experience transformation. When you’re ready to grow and develop, change will start happening even if you’re sitting on your couch.

That’s when you need a coach. 

A tremendous asset

“Kimberly is a tremendous asset and has my highest recommendation!”


The greatest gift you can give yourself

“Working with Kimberly is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Her guidance allowed me to tap into my heart’s true desires and uncover the obstacles standing in the way of my best life. I highly recommend Kimberly to the individual ready to elevate life to its greatest purpose.”

Katie F, MBA
VP of Marketing

A Spa For Your Mind and Soul

“Kimberly’s coaching is gentle and supportive yet enormously impactful. She is a spa for your mind and soul. My everyday is better because of our work together. Make your life better too – work with Kimberly!”

Nicky Jaine, Senior Operations Leader

A rare combination

“Kimberly has the ability to draw out creative and bold ideas and bring them into form. A rare combination of savvy business smarts, artistic sensibility, intuition, and drive exist within Kimberly. She completely exceeded my expectations.”


Worked through fear and took the leap

“I needed help in moving out of my old way of thinking….your coaching helped me work through fear and encouraged me to take the leaps that were necessary. You are very gifted in helping people unleash their dreams!”

Public Relations Manager

Prepared me for greatness

“You are perhaps the most life-changing and soul-warming human I’ve ever been blessed to know. You have saved me, prepared me, and continue to love me, unconditionally. You are magical, amazing, and define the essence of light and beauty. I love you.”

Tracy S, Founder and CEO