Loving Your Whole Self

//Loving Your Whole Self

Loving Your Whole Self

No one is either all good or all bad. We each carry both energies within us, all the time. As the elders say, the one that gets stronger is the one you feed. Becoming mindful of what you are doing is the work of awakening. 

Some of us are stuck in our “goodness”. We have difficulty accessing our anger, our madness, and our elemental power.

Others of us are stuck in our “badness”. We have trouble accessing our wild successes, our passionate love affairs, and our infinite creativity.

Most of us land somewhere in between. Life is adequate and average. There are no deep pits and dark valleys. There is also no transcendent flight.

This is a problem of range. In our myopia, we suffer a common mistake. Many who have learned to shine brightly become afraid of failure. Many who are mired in the mud believe they will never be good enough to succeed.

The truth is that a truly whole person has experienced both. Not coincidentally, so have the most interesting, powerful, wise people I know. They have explored the full range of their humanity. They’ve spent time deep in their personal darkness. They’ve also transcended mundane reality and created some very, very big wins. Like a piano player who uses the full keyboard, they are not afraid to access their full being. And in doing so, they become capable of unconditional love.

Because conditional love, in the form of  judgement, starts within. And you cannot give to another what you do not have for yourself.


If you have failed in life, slipped and fell in the proverbial mud, or have anger and madness as familiar companions, you are one of the lucky ones. Your range includes notes that many will never touch. Turn your attention to loving yourself through your darkness knowing there is light on the other side.

If you have felt your deepest, wildest passion and creativity ~ if you have flown over the landscape of reality and learned to dance with God ~ you are one of the lucky ones. These experiences have compelled mystics, poets, and artists since the beginning of time. Find a way to bring that wildness into the world as a business as this is truly the age when that is happening like never before.

And if you are one who is somewhere in between ~ careful to hold on, watchful of the steps you take, always aware of your comfort zone ~ hear the call. Allow your wildness and your vulnerability to come forward. Hold them gently. Ask for a vision of how they weave together, knowing that this sweet spot always exists – and that you can find it. Know that there is an entire universe inside of you, asking to be explored. Say yes.

Unconditional love is the goal. To get there, you must move beyond where most people stop.

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