Your Catalyst Session. Your breakthrough.


Let me show you a new perspective.

Bring your current challenge, whatever it may be. I’ll help you have a breakthrough, today.

Let's talk about your next steps.

Let's talk about your next steps.

What would give you traction today?

  • Understanding what your genius really is
  • Seeing how to re-establish balance in your life
  • Learning how you are blocking your own success
  • Revealing what is truly meaningful to you
  • Knowing which choice to make in a high-voltage decision
  • Discovering how you can transform a specific relationship

All of these are possible in an hour’s time.

You’re so courageous to reach for what you really want. I’m super excited to help you get it.

When you schedule a Catalyst Session, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete that will give me insight into your situation. During your customized 1-1 session, you’ll get invaluable coaching, strategy, and direction. We’ll talk about where you feel stuck. I’ll ask you questions and I’ll listen carefully to your answers. Then, I’ll show you how to get traction in the direction you want to go — fast.

I do not offer complimentary consultations, but I am sensitive to the fact that it takes trust to begin working with someone you don’t already know. Because of that, this session is priced at 30% of my normal rate.

I promise that the session will be valuable to you. At the end, if you don’t feel that it was a good use of your time I will refund your investment 100%.

In this session, the following things will occur:

  • You and I will have an actual experience that tells us if we want to continue working together.
  • We will explore your situation and how to get immediate traction toward the results that you most desire.
  • After the session is over, I will stay on the line to answer any questions you may have about further work with me.

If we decide to continue working together, the fee for this session will be credited towards your first purchase.

60 minutes, 1-1 – $97

Reinvented myself

“You are very gifted at what you do. Thank you so much for helping me walk through a huge transition period in my life as I reinvent myself!”

Rose B.

Magical, deep work

“There is a magical essence about my work with Kimberly. She honors where I am in the present moment and gives me creative insights and objective perspectives to further my personal growth for the future. She has great patience and the ability to listen heart-fully. With Kimberly’s coaching, I have been able to uncover a greater sense of purpose and have come to know my divinity within. Thank you, Kimberly, for your unconditional loving support. ”

Operations Manager

The best listener

“You are, beyond a doubt, the best listener I have EVER met.”

Technology Coach

Changed my life

“Knowing you has changed my life. I am forever grateful for your support and wisdom.”

Wellness Coach

Teaching me to fly

“When I began working with Kimberly, I had been spinning my wheels for quite some time. I have grown more in the past four months than I ever have before. My husband even says I smile more. Kimberly is teaching me to fly.”

Dawn S

Closer to my authentic life

“You moved me closer to leading an authentic life, one that includes the things I want in it – a satisfying love life, a career that motivates me, relationships that are rewarding, hobbies that free my soul, and a strong connection with the spirit.”


Life changing experience

“Kimberly’s calming presence and guidance has helped me finally clear out what was not working in my life. I am grateful for the life changing opportunity to work with such an amazing woman!”

Life Coach

The coaches coach

“Kimberly approaches her work with an unusual level of dedication and commitment. She is a compelling coach with a no nonsense approach. I completely recommend her services to those seeking a breakthrough. She is the coaches coach!”

Maria C, PCC
New York