Paradox in the Modern World

We are drowning in data and information. 

The world has become increasingly complex, and technology has vastly increased the amount of data that is collected. There’s so much data that is is impossible to digest it all. Paradoxically, in our data-saturated world our data sets are always incomplete.

Furthermore, the amount of data which each of us consumes on a daily basis has quintupled since 1986.

Biologically, humans have not evolved to be able to process this much information. Because of this, we have trouble separating relevant data from the trivial ~ and we become tired.

However, a growing body of research about intuition demonstrates that intuitive processing can provide a powerful advantage over deliberative decision-making in dynamic or complex environments.

The use of intuition for analyzing and treating data is now more important than it ever has been before.

Research shows that intuitive processing is particularly useful for decisions of high complexity, those which must be made under some time pressure, and those which include higher levels of importance and uncertainty. It has been shown to play a significant role in the decisions of individuals operating in fast moving, high-pressure, ambiguous situations, including firefighters, military commanders, emergency room surgeons, doctors, chess players, nurses, judges, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs.

Research about the use of intuition in business tells us that CEO’s who use their intuition also have the highest profits, and that leaders at all levels use their intuition even though they don’t discuss it. It’s like a secret weapon that no one talks about.

Of course, intuition can lead to either excellent or costly decisions in both personal and professional contexts. Learning how to access and interpret it consistently and accurately can prevent critical mistakes.

Most people aren’t taught to access their intuition accurately or consistently. When we learn how to do this, we gain an unmatched competitive advantage.

If you want to become more intuitive or more accurate in your intuition, first turn off the stream of data. In the quiet, feel your body. Learn to discern its messages and interpret them. Unpack and remove the internal distortions that affect your clarity and accuracy. 

As my executive clients say, “We don’t get to NOT do this work anymore. It is required.”


To your success,