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Personal development is the key to innovation and engagement.

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  • Increase constructive attitudes, morale, and motivation
  • Grow engagement and satisfaction in current roles
  • Foster more cohesive, higher-performing teams
  • Improve efficacy, speed, and satisfaction on projects
  • Reduce reactivity, fear, and safety-driven behavior patterns
  • Build resiliency through disruption, crisis, and change
  • Improve innovation and performance reviews

Personal development is the key to greater innovation and engagement at work. Your team can't produce inspired results without it. 

Procter & Gamble, one of the most innovative companies in the world, understands that to cultivate innovation, the first major task is to build an innovative consciousness in the individual. However, humans predictably distort and sabotage their inner experience, causing a constriction in our creativity and flow. Instead of thinking constructively, we play “not to lose”. Personal development is the key to your team thinking, behaving, and relating at a higher level. 

Let's explore how to help your team grow.

A rare combination

“Kimberly has the ability to draw out creative and bold ideas and bring them into form. A rare combination of savvy business smarts, artistic sensibility, intuition, and drive exist within Kimberly. She completely exceeded my expectations.”


Truly an inspiration

“From the beginning, I was immediately impressed with Kimberly’s presence. She commands conscious and genuine communication in even the most mundane interactions. Kimberly is truly an inspiration.”


Christina B
Founder & Administrator

A rare kind of leader

“Kimberly consistently strikes me as a very intelligent, thoughtful, caring, and resourceful individual. She also has the rare quality of listening, really listening, to others. This very high-level communication style has been said to be very rare, and I find that Kimberly is certainly a master in this regard.”

Director, Senior Management Team

Inspired Us To Grow

“Our program functions and morale had been dying for a long time. Kimberly offered us insightful vision, clarity, and tangible ways to improve ourselves and the program. She really inspired us to let go of the old ways of thinking and acting that were limiting our effectiveness. In the end our program became more self-sufficient, more functional, and better regarded.”

MB, Program Coordinator

Thinking Bigger and Better

“Kimberly is motivating to be around, and is inspiring with her ability to think bigger and better for the potential of programs and services. The team was inspired by Kimberly’s breadth of vision. She quickly gained our trust and respect. I recommend her wholeheartedly, because her style and vision is clearly adaptable to the needs of a variety of businesses.”

Emily L, Program Manager

Practical and Inspirational

“Ms. Errigo’s workshops are practical as well as inspirational. She encourages out-of-the-box thinking and confidence in what is possible. She’s a dynamic speaker, and her talks are enjoyed by both new and veteran attendees. We feel confident that Ms. Errigo would provide a quality presentation anywhere she chooses to teach.”

Cynthia Veldhuisen
Minnesota State University