Crack the Code: 4 Steps to Unlock Your Authentic Personal Brand with Rasheryl McCreary

Great brands inspire loyalty, generate trust, are highly valued, extremely influential, and provide exceptional service to their target audience. Does this describe your brand? Join us as Rasheryl McCreary, Executive Coach and Personal Branding & Leadership Presence Expert, shares insights and actionable tips for unearthing and growing your authentic personal brand in ways that drive success.

In this podcast, you will:

  • Learn the true definition of personal brand and why so many experts get it wrong
  • Identify & unearth the essential elements of your authentic personal brand
  • Discover the KEY to carving out your niche and making the competition irrelevant
  • Explore 3 ways to elevate your brand to increase your visibility and value

Rasheryl McCreary

As a personal brand strategist, leadership presence expert and host of the new podcast, Communicate With Impact for Virtual Teams™, Rasheryl McCreary has coached over 1,000 leaders – from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to leading business schools – helping them identify, communicate, and leverage their authentic personal brand.

Rasheryl is a Georgetown University certified Leadership Coach. She has been honored to coach leaders in organizations such as: American Express, Cisco, Ferrero USA, General Electric, HBO, PayPal, Booz Allen Hamilton, The Central Intelligence Agency and Harvard Business School.