“I am struck by Kimberly’s skill in seeing my wholeness, learning my strengths, and offering clear, helpful, non-judgmental feedback on my growing edges. As someone who has struggled with workaholism and over-giving, I have Kimberly to thank for telling me the truth of what she saw and holding space for me as I got re-centered in my core mission and vision for my life and work. When I have wanted to ‘skip ahead’ and ‘get things over with’, she has gently and patiently highlighted where I might be glossing over important parts of my life out of fear. Again and again, she has partnered with me as I have taken a stand for my full, balanced life, my deeper level of success, and my thriving as a whole, well person. Our work was both a deep-dive and also a gentle opening to my next level of success. Thank you so much, Kimberly!”