When you can't "figure it out"

My clients are all high-achievers. They’re smart. Insightful. Talented. Determined. 

They’ve spent years leveraging their strategic and tactical skills to play at the top of their game.

Along the way, they’ve taught themselves that the solution to conquering obstacles is working or thinking harder. Most of the time, that’s worked. 

However, the moment when they decide to hit the REAL next level – I mean moving beyond their embedded limitations, not just getting their boss’s job – is a defining moment. 

It’s when the old way of doing things stops working.

They can’t get to THAT next level with the mindset, strategies, and assumptions that got them to where they are. 

That’s humbling, but it’s also an opportunity for curiosity and courage

Pushing harder won’t help solve their problems and move past their blocks.  

Instead, I teach them to see and inhabit a new paradigm. Instead of the Gold Star Paradigm of Linear Achievement, they begin to explore a paradigm that’s based in trust, ease, and flow. A paradigm in which they aren’t defined by their work, all the things they do, getting it right, or the amount of effort those things have required. 

They can finally take their hands off the wheel. 

That shift always makes my heart happy. I love seeing them get free of the constructs that have kept them running on the proverbial hamster wheel. 

I’ve never seen someone regret that work. In 25 years of coaching, no client has ever said to me “dammit, I want my awareness to go back to the way it was before. I want to go back to needing to be in control!”

Inner freedom and peace of mind are sweeter than anything else.

You can have these things, too.