When You Need a New Beginning

When things aren’t moving forward as you might like them to, it’s common to think that you need to have more faith. In my experience, it isn’t faith that is missing. It is concentrated intent.

And saying you need faith to believe in the power of intent is like saying you need faith to believe in gravity.

You don’t need to believe in the power of intent, because regardless of what you believe it actually does produce predictable results. The real task for you is being conscious of what your intent is.

When you shoot an arrow, you will notice that the arrow goes where your eyes are looking. Same for throwing a ball. Same for shooting a gun. People who throw and shoot well focus their eyes and their intent on the bulls-eye.

Intent is no different. Where you put your intent, focus, expectation, and projected energy is where that energy goes. And that energy is what defines both the journey and the results.

Focusing on developing more faith as a step along the path is putting the proverbial cart before the horse. You will develop more faith naturally when you work with the energetic laws of the universe and you start to see results.

In the process, you may find that you develop more faith in yourself.

To be effective in getting results, first make sure that your intent is coming from your authenticity. If your intent is coming from your fragmented Self, the path will lead right over the nearest cliff. If you struggle to live from your authentic Self, ask first to get out of your own way. Claim your deepest intent as the bulls-eye.

To make faster progress, make focus into a habit. Stop multitasking. Pay full attention to others when they speak with you. Turn your phone and your iPad off for blocks of time during the day. Give your attention to the task at hand as if it were sacred work.

Train your mind to focus on your intent with a deepened mindfulness practice. The impact will be felt in every area of your life.

Faster results. Better progress. More joy.